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By way of the latest edition of Japanese hobby magazine Figure King, check out this image of the Transformers Cloud Starscream toy. Revealed to us earlier today, Transformers Cloud Starscream is a redeco of the Generations Doubledealer toy, which is a retooled Voyager Blitzwing.

Transformers Cloud Starscream sports a typically Starscream deco with blue forearms, red on either side of his cockpit chest and red stripes on the wings. The jet mode is a decent albeit less sleek than usual interpretation of the usual Starscream jet mode, and tank mode looks pretty fitting.

Cloud Starscream comes with two new accessories, a pair of Nul-Rays. They are in fact the same accessories from Masterpiece MP-3 Starscream, and they peg into the backs of the shoulders in robot mode, the underside of the wings for jet mode and the sides of the tank in tank mode.

For reference we’ve also uploaded with this story the picture of Brawn from the cross sell of the GDO Protectobot Hot Spot box. GDO Brawn is a retooled version of First Edition Transformers Prime Bulkhead, with a new head.

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  1. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    Oh hell yeah! Brawn-head lives!

    And...Starscream...made from...Blitzwing...

    That is...odd.

    EDIT - Starscream made from Blitzwing with the Doubledealer head by the look of it.

  2. MasterZero's Avatar MasterZero says

    ...Starscream the triple changer?!

    Brawn the Bulkhead mold?!


  3. SAF7's Avatar SAF7 says

    Guess that Brawn was gonna come out sooner or later .

    Starscream from Blitzwing though? That's an... interesting idea, I guess.

  4. Heat Blast's Avatar Heat Blast says

    I understand where they're coming from with Brawn... But Starscream?! I... I don't even know what to say.

  5. BlackHawkOmega's Avatar BlackHawkOmega says

    Ah! Crap, I was JUST about to post it!

    But it looks like that GDO Brawn is finally seeing the light of day.

  6. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Holy hell; the Doubledealer retool of Blitzwing into Starscream?

    That's DAMN inspired, Japan. DAMN inspired.

  7. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    I'm glad we're finally getting this ridiculous thing released in some capacity.

  8. Star Saber's Avatar Star Saber says

    Wow, Starscream from the Blitzwing mold? Somehow I see Takara milking more Seekers out of that!

    Looks like we might see that Rodimus from the Springer mold with how they've gone with Starscream.

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