Titus Welliver Says Transformers 4 Is Not A Kids Movie


During a very brief interview with Nerdist, actor Titus Welliver stated that Transformers: Age Of Extinction is not a kids movie:

How was it for the actor, best known for his roles on The Good Wife and Argo, stepping into the huge Transformers summer movie franchise?
“I’ve now won the hard earned respect of my children because I’m in a Transformers film, and I’ve always wanted to work with Michael Bay and certainly Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer.”

And what can fans look forward to in this installment?
“It’s a bit more of a darker vision of the Transformers world… It’s not a kids movie, I’ll tell you that much.”

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  1. Blazere's Avatar Blazere says


    No, this only means more sex scenes.

  2. Novaburnhilde's Avatar Novaburnhilde says

    Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

    Part of me hopes this will be a more serious, darker installment. But the other part of me has been let down by the movies before. :I

    To them, "Darker" could just mean more crude humor, swear words and such.

  3. Griffin73's Avatar Griffin73 says

    I'm sure Hasbro will love to hear that being said. Another reason to skip this abomination. Maybe someday they'll get a clue and use a character director with an eye for good robot designs. #MTMTEforever

  4. Bob 121 has no avatar! Bob 121 says

    Yeah alright, so we're supposed to believe this when Bay has to introduce a whole new cast (of humans), and he already brought in his mandatory comedian cameo? It went from Bernie Mac (the best of them) to that guy from the office in ROTF, to like half of the people Sam worked with in DOTM.

  5. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Originally Posted by Tytus View Post
    Bullshit. Then why is 95% of the merchandise aimed at kids?
    The same reason we had several R-rated movie toy lines over the past 30 years.

    Except this isn't R-rated.

  6. Nightrain's Avatar Nightrain says

    None of the films have been appropriate for Hasbro's demo. That's the really dumb thing about all this.

    But yeah, darker just means more stupid shit.

  7. Sideways77's Avatar Sideways77 says

    What I hope it means: A darker, note serious tone.

    What it'll probably mean: More crude sex stuff

  8. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Uh DotM was already way too dark for kids. The Chicago scenes were legit disturbing.

    This isn't exactly a revelation.

    As for PG-13 movie toys, they go back to Batman(1989) at least. I was seriously obsessed with Batman Returns merch at the age of 4-5.

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