Toy Fair 2014 Age of Extinction Construct Bots Official Images


Hasbro has sent us a huge amount of official images following on from their Toy Fair 2014 presentation so without further to do, we are sharing them with you! First up are the official images of the Age of Extinction Construct Bots Dinobot Riders and Dinobot Warriors Assortments.

The assortments break down as follows:

Dinobot Riders – $5.99 small figures who can ride on the larger Construct Bots Dinobots (sold separately)

Dinobot Riders Wave 1 – Bumblebee, Drift, Lockdown and Optimus Prime
Dinobot Riders Wave 2 – Crosshairs and Hound

Dinobots Wave 1 (not shown, but mentioned in press release, RRP of $9.99) – Grimlock, Strafe and Dinobot Slug

Dinobot Warriors – $19.99 assortment of larger Construct Bots characters with Dinobot sidekicks who can break down to form armor for the main figures.

Dinobot Warriors Wave 1 – Drift & Roughneck, Lockdown & Hangnail, Optimus Prime & Gnaw
Dinobot Warriors Wave 2 – Bumblebee & Nosedive, Hound & Wide Load

Dinofire Grimlock rounds out the assortment. He retails for $39.99, stands 10 inches tall and has light up jaws, firing missiles and a Dinobot Riders scale Optimus Prime figure.

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  1. Dinobot Nuva's Avatar Dinobot Nuva says

    I really like the Warriors assortment. Think I'm gonna pick up Hangnail and Lockdown just to give it a shot. Now I'm just wanting all these other extra dinobots to be made into mainline figures.

    Not really feeling the riders, and the regular Dinobots are cool but I'll save the $ and go with the Generations Deluxes of the character.

  2. phoenixliger has no avatar! phoenixliger says

    looks to be a major improvement over the original Construct bots. I like the little guys and the big grimlock looks well designed minus the hollow bits. not sure if ill pick any up but its nice to see that Hasbro hasn't giving up on these yet

  3. bignick1693's Avatar bignick1693 says

    I don't know why but this is my favorite reveal of the toy fair. I most likely will by the riders.

  4. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    Really like the looks of Rider Hound, but that's about it from this line.

  5. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Wow, those look remarkably impressive and accurate for this line. Guess we finally have characters who are "shard-chested" enough for Construct-Bots

    Seriously though, the alt modes on the riders are a bonus, the riders are at a scale so inaccurate detailing is forgivable, and the Dinobots themselves are the perfect kind of thing for this building system.

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