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Hello and welcome to another TFW2005 event coverage! From this very moment, we are starting our annual New York Toy Fair coverage. You are joining with us today to read all about the Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2014 Investor Event.

First of all… the highlights:

  • Introducing… Transformers: Age Of Extinction Toy Line with Images
  • Transformers: Age Of Extinction Movie Info
  • Transformers Mobile Game?
  • Details Of Transformers: Generations – Windblade and Jetfire Toy Images revealed.
  • Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 Info and Toys revealed
  • Transformers: Battle Masters

For more details and images… You can read our entire coverage after the jump.

TFW2005, the best for you… always!

Before the event, we were “entertained” with some music. Certainly would have loved to hear iconic theme music from Hub TV Shows like previous years. This newsie was half expecting to hear the theme music from the next Transformers Animated Series.

Now, let us take a look at the Hasbro Introduction Video. We are posting this as an honor to Hasbro; who introduced the franchise we know and love for 30 Years. Thank you very much for the fantastic memories.

First to speak was Brian Goldner; President and Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro. He was introduced by one-the-only… Debby Hancock. It has certainly been a tradition for her to introduce her CEO. Mr. Goldner talked a bit about financial situation for Hasbro back in 2013. Transformers Franchise is one of the most successful considering that it wasn’t even a Movie Year. Overall, it was a good year for Hasbro. Hub is doing extremely well. You can take look at some of the statements attached with this post. We can tell that he’s itching to talk about Transformers.

“Creating A Revolution In Play” is the new Hasbro theme.

New movie lines will carry on till 2017.

Mr. Goldner then revealed new toys including TF4 Drift in Robot Mode (we do not know what toy category he belongs to) and new Rescue Bots toys.

Next, Mr. Goldner revealed 11 minutes of Transformers: Age Of Extinction footage to the Investors at the event. The media who attended online were not shown the video. The attendees were told not to write or record the footage and warned that security is monitoring with Infrared Goggles. Brian Goldner praised Director Michael Bay and revealed few tidbits about the movie:

“Michael [Bay] is truly an incredible partner and friend and an innovative brand steward.” said Mr. Goldner. “There is 4 important new elements in this film:

  1. Next Chapter in the Transformers Saga
  2. Incredible Mark Wahlberg leading a whole new cast as a single dad raising his teenage daughter.
  3. The first movie was about a boy who gets the car to get the girl, this movie (Age Of Extinction) is a truck to needs a friend to save the world.
  4. All new Transformers characters and the introduction of Dinobots straight from the Transformers Mythology.”

Crowd cheering like mad. Looks like they loved the preview.

John A. Frascotti; Global Chief Marketing Officer, Hasbro came to the stage to talk. He’s going to reveal more.

  • New Entertainment over the following years.
  • Fun Lab research stations across the world to research new toys.
  • New customizable toys:
  • My Little Pony: Pop
  • My Monopoly
  • Super Hero Mashers
  • Transformers: Generations will continue on for the collectors.
  • Toys for Captain America 2, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy etc.
  • Angry Birds: Stella coming soon by Rovio Mobile.
  • Magic: The Gathering movie coming soon by Fox.

Julian Farrior came to talk. He’s the CEO and Founder of Backflip Studios. Mobile Gaming.

It was hinted that Transformers and G. I. Joe mobile games may be in development.

Frascotti returns to talk about Franchises. He introduced Samantha Lomow and Gretchen Forrest to talk about Girls brands:

My Little Pony first. Rainbow Power. Rainbow Dash gets her own kingdom; Rainbow Kingdom. Commercial was shown for the My Little Pony: Pop. Second movie; Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Footage shown at the presentation. We didn’t get to see it. Sorry for that Bronies. Littlest Pet Shop with Augmented Reality.

Eric Nyman and Brian Chapman came to talk about Nerf and Transformers.

Nerf demonstration. Crowd loved it.

Nerf: Rebelle was inspired by The Hunger Games. Some really cool Nerf products here. I’m impressed

For the kids Rescue Bots. For older boys the main line. For long time fans… Transformers: Generations.

Hasbro is really excited about Transformers: Age Of Extinction. The toy line will come with a bold new logo.

“Going forward we are building a platform for a profitable and a sustainable force.

Fans will see their favorite characters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee ride into action on Dinobots around the world.”

4 big events:

  • Toy Line will be released this May
  • Cybertron Monday –Midnight madness event to by the AOE toys.
  • Movie Release in June
  • Fall – DVD release.

Mentioned seriously wired fans (mobile usage). 99% of TF content in You Tube is fan created.

AOE will change everything.

New Transformers Video Games will be release in 2014.

All new initiative:
1. Unique and new bots
2. Great Value
3. Easier Transformation

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Mega Bumblebee revealed. We couldn’t see, investor eyes only. Transformed in seconds. Hasbro calls it “Mastery to Magic”. Showing more toys. People clapping. Loving it. Mega Bumblebee, Stomp and Chomp One Step Grimlock.

Rescue Bots will Season 3 will feature Dinobot inspired robots.

HOLY MOLY!!! Transformers: Generations Jetfire and Windblade revealed.

Next… Play-Doh plans for 2014 was explained by Greg Lombardo and Vicki Stratford

Transformers: Battle Masters was also mentioned by Jonathan Berkowitz

And with it, we conclude our TFW2005 Coverage Of Hasbro New York Toy Fair 2014 Investor Event. Our News Crew is over there at the Fair Grounds to bring you news and images as they happen. Make sure you tune into TFW Network Sites tomorrow onwards for our full coverage of New York Toy Fair 2014.

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  1. Stryker055's Avatar Stryker055 says

    Odd that they made a Leader figure and a Deluxe figure the same size in the picture, but Windblade actually looks pretty cool.

  2. NotRamjet97's Avatar NotRamjet97 says

    That Bee looks half decent. And before everyone freaks out about Jetfire being shorter than Windblade: it's just a promo pic.

  3. Transmetal's Avatar Transmetal says

    Who is this Wingblade? Gotta be some comic only character, right?

  4. Jalaguy's Avatar Jalaguy says

    Originally Posted by Omnius View Post
    Where's this from?
    Hasbro's Toy Fair investor slideshow.

    Original source:

    Staff Edit:

    Originally Posted by Transmetal View Post
    Who is this Wingblade? Gotta be some comic only character, right?
    She's the result of the "Fan-Built Bot" polls that Hasbro ran on their website. The winning attributes (red, jet, female, has sword, etc.) were developed into Windblade, who's getting this Deluxe Class toy and is being introduced into IDW's G1 universe.

  5. bossprime's Avatar bossprime says

    Originally Posted by Transmetal View Post
    Who is this Wingblade? Gotta be some comic only character, right?
    There was a vote on a fan built character and Wingblade one, because of that she's getting her own comic.

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