MakeToys Trash-Talk/Swerve & Cogwheel/Gears Images – First Look at My First Blaster Accessory!


Coming to us via MakeToys’ website, we have some new images of the first entries in their “Manga Mech Series”: their unofficial Swerve and Gears figures, Trash-Talk and Cogwheel! Trash-Talk/Swerve is based on his much-beloved IDW More than Meets the Eye depiction, while Cogwheel is a retool of the figure into Gears.

As we had previously reported[/url], it seems MakeToys has listened to the fans and have created a My First Blaster accessory for Trash-Talk/Swerve, based on the character’s signature weapon in MTMTE! We get our first full look at it here – it is VERY accurate to its appearance in the comic (even sporting the “My First Blaster” label on its side), and should make all those MTMTE fans out there happy. It seems it will be sold separately and will require assembly.

According to MakeToys’ website, these will be coming out next month.

Check out the images after the jump!

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  1. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Figured I may as well make a separate thread for this

    from peaugh's twitter

  2. OptionZero's Avatar OptionZero says

    This is just . . . perfect

    It must come with a My First Blaster and Schroomer

  3. Strarf's Avatar Strarf says

    Way, way better looking than Hasbro's. Definitely picking this version up instead of the Generations release.

  4. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    Damn here I thought I was going to save some money with Hasbro, damnit

  5. Alteron_Sheng has no avatar! Alteron_Sheng says

    I have found the perfect Swerve. ...I'm gonna set money aside for him RIGHT. NOW.

  6. Rexidus's Avatar Rexidus says

    Yup, I no longer care about Hasbro's version. It was good but this is just godly.

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