Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Box Images – DINOBOTS!


Courtesy of Weibo user @HarryHuo via TFW2005 member daimchoc, we have a whole lot of Transformers: Age of Extinction goodness coming at you! Well, by “a whole lot”, we mean “two images”.

HOWEVER, these are images of something very interesting – what appears to be Transformers: Age of Extinction product packaging mock-ups. Specifically, they give various looks at the much-anticipated DINOBOT team in their dinosaur modes[/b], as well as a new image of Optimus Prime in his new form. It seems as though this is the kind of packaging template that Voyager and/or Leader class figures will come in.

This newsie won’t embarrass himself by pretending to know exactly what kinds of dinosaurs they all are, so check them out for yourself after the jump, then discuss what you think in the discussion thread!

(And perhaps if you’re feeling extra awesome, you could try matching the Dinobots up with the names in the Hasbro website update[/url] from a while back.)

UPDATE: It seems that we actually had a (blurry) look at this packaging before – in the previous “Optimus riding Grimlock” photo, it can be seen in the upper left-hand corner. You can thank fellow newsie TunaKaan and his amazing eyes for pointing this out!

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  1. spartan 3764's Avatar spartan 3764 says

    Oh damn, Those are sexy....

    I see that Dinobot head on the Optimus pic too....its looks.....Female.

  2. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    huh, Dinobots that look like, Dinosaurs. Cool.

    No Apatosaurus, dang no Sludge.

  3. TigerBlade's Avatar TigerBlade says

    Originally Posted by Anti Spark View Post
    Figures no Snarl.

    I want my stegosaurus!
    Or Sludge......unless I'm being blind.

    The two that never get any love.

  4. Xanatos1986 has no avatar! Xanatos1986 says

    I see a T-rex, a spinosarus(jurassic par 3 dino), raptor, a triceretops and a terdactyle...sorry for spelling lol

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