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Empire have added an article to their website with higher-res versions of the new Transformers Age of Extinction stills we saw earlier today. Their article also fills out some character names and fills in just a few more story details.

Of particular note, Mark Wahlberg’s character is now named as Cade Yeager. Nicola Peltz is confirmed as Tessa Yeager, with Jack Reynor playing her secret racer boyfriend Shane (full name given as Shane Dyson in Yahoo’s coverage of the same stills). Stanley Tucci is playing Joshua, and Sophia Myles is playing a geologist named Darcy. These names were all previously listed on a leaked call sheet, though the second names were not given at that time – this leads one to assume that some of the other details given might also be true.

The cast is rounded out by Li Bingbing, who is described as (spoiler, highlight to read)

“the CEO of the Chinese Transformers”
and Kelsey Grammar as Harold Attinger, who is being called (spoiler again!)
the film’s non-robot big bad

The article also sheds new light on what the plot of the movie involves – this one is another spoiler, highlight the text below to read:

Earth is scarred by the events of the past three movies, but is moving on after all the giant robots disappeared. Cade Yeager, an inventor, discovers a buried Transformer (we’re guessing a fossilized Dinobot?) which sets the stage for the return of the rest of the Transformers

The article ends with director Michael Bay’s thoughts. He has a good feeling about this movie and says it has a huge soul. And he’s not ruling out staying on to make more Transformers live action movies. “Well, it’s a director’s world… It’s a franchise world at the moment,” he says in the article. “You know, Peter Jackson is still in Middle-earth…”

Click here to check out the full article, and keep it TFW for more Transformers movie news!

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  1. Galvatross's Avatar Galvatross says

    Sounds like in the beginning all surviving Autobots and Decepticons have either left Earth or been in hiding. That could explain Optimus' new robot mode. Maybe the synopsis from the Michigan Film Office was correct since we know humans are messing with Transformer tech?
    Also Kelsey Grammar is the "non-robot big bad." Sounds like they are keeping the main Decepticons a secret, unless of course the print edition reveals more.

  2. bumblebee22's Avatar bumblebee22 says

    I'm going to go ahead and guess that the transformer mark discovers is the rusty truck or a dinobot

  3. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    I'm telling you guys, the rusty truck is obviously Optimus in hiding.

    If it were a snake, it would have bit you.

  4. Red Goblin's Avatar Red Goblin says

    This comes from a guy over at IMDB who bought Empire Magazine.

    Mark Wahlberg's character discovers a buried Transformer and revives it.

    Kelsey Grammer does play the bad guy of the movie, who it seems has a lot of connections and is high up in the government or some sort of organisation.

    Said organisation is abbreviated in the article as SOG.

    Below a picture of Nicola Peltz it states that she's taking cover while SOG members attempt to capture Optimus Prime.

  5. JetFormers's Avatar JetFormers says

    How does one revive a transformers with out the matrix? (At least in terms of the movie universe). Wait... Don't tell me they have more allsparks shards lying around.

  6. tonyformer's Avatar tonyformer says

    There are many ways to bring a TF back online. The AllSpark was just one of many of these ways. You guys need to think G1. And was there a pic of the SOG soldier trying to capture OP? I have not heard any SOG name mentioned so this is new to me. SOG was a advanced U.S military organization from the Vietnam war lol

  7. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    His name is Yaeger. One letter away and he would have been hunter.

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