Hasbro Website Updates Part 1: New Generations and Constructbots Listings


Whoa. Hasbro’s website has updated this morning with some new listings of upcoming Transformers figures. This took a little sleuthing by 2005 Board members JamesBenjamin and Thundershot. If you go to Hasbro’s customer service portion of their website, you can inquire about specific toys within a toyline. The Transformers sections of this reveals to us the following possible upcoming Transformer releases:

  • Generations Voyager Brainstorm
  • Generations Voyager Roadbuster
  • Generations Voyager Skybyte
  • Generations 30th Leader Jetfire
  • Generations 30th Leader Megatron
  • Generations Deluxe Arcee
  • Generations Deluxe Chromia
  • Generations Deluxe Hardhead
  • Generations Deluxe Jhiaxus
  • Generations Legends Brawn with Mudslinger
  • Generations Legends Gears with Eagle Eye
  • Generations Legends Cliffjumper
  • Generations Legends Gnaw with Gnash
  • Beast Hunter Deluxe Value Packs (4 of them, most likely Black Friday deals)
  • TRA Black Hunter Nemesis Prime
  • TRA Black Skyfire
  • Blindpacks – Jazz, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Grimlock
  • Construct Bots Rider Autobot Drift
  • Construct Bots Rider Bruce
  • Cosntruct Bots Rider Bumblebee
  • Construct Bots Rider Lockdown
  • Cosntruct Bots Rider Duke
  • Construct Bots Rider Max

Take a lot of these with a grain of salt as Takara listings are also mixed in with these listings as well as some older releases. This newsie is particularly curious about the Generations Deluxe Arcee. More listings coming including Movie 4 Toys!

STAFF EDIT: Potential U.S. Masterpiece Sideswipe and Age of Extinction listings have now been front paged!

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  1. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    So I woke up this morning and saw this:

    Hasbro customer service site reveals some odd G.I. Joe related things | Generals Joes – A blog about the importance (or unimportance) of little plastic men

    and this:

    Black Series 6" Jabba, Jawas, EPV Vader, Jedi Luke & More - Toy Discussion at Toyark.com

    After some digging by myself Thundershot, Niv3k, x BlackMagnus x, and list making by Jalaguy, here is everything of note so far:

    Full list prepared by Jalaguy:

    Many product numbers were listed twice, once with a people name and once with a Transformer name, so I collated them together. I think somehow both prelim/disguise names and final names wound up with separate listings. On a related note, here's an updated list with all prelim Rocky names sorted out:



    - A7297 Jetfire
    - A7298 Megatron


    - A6681 Sky-Byte
    - A6682 Roadbuster

    - A7806 Brainstorm


    - A6345 Tankor
    - A6346 Crosscut
    - A6347 Rattrap
    - A6348 Nightbeat

    - A7800 Arcee
    - A7801 Tank (???)
    - Jhiaxus [I'm gonna assume he's the missing number since Chromia will be Arcee's mould]
    - A7803 Fans Choice (Windblade)

    - A9252 Hardhead
    - Chromia


    - A6686 Brawn w/ Mudslinger
    - A6686 Cliffjumper w/ ?
    [one of these product codes is probably wrong]

    - A7804 Gnaw w/ Gnash
    - A7805 Gears w/ Eagle Eye



    - A6517 Optimus Prime
    - A6518 Grimlock (Ivan)


    - A6514 Optimus Prime
    - A6515 Grimlock (Ivan)

    - A7946 Autobot Hound (Duke)
    - A7947 Galvatron (Adrian)

    - A8117 Slog
    - A8118 Autobot Drift


    - A6509 Bumblebee Classic / High Octane Bumblebee
    - A6510 Crosshairs / Slingshot
    - A6511 Dinobot Slug (Thunderlips)
    - A6512 Scorn (Southpaw)

    - A7812 Lockdown (Max)
    - A7813 Autobot Drift (Bruce)
    - A7814 Strafe (Paulie)
    - A7815 Dinobot Slash (Rocky)

    - A8113 Snarl
    - A8114 Rally Car
    - A8115 Decepticon Stinger


    - A7759 Bumblebee
    - A7760 Optimus Prime
    - A7761 Stinger
    - A7762 Grimlock (Ivan)
    - A7763 Duke [probably Hound]
    - A7764 Max [probably Lockdown]

    Legion 2-packs:

    - A7766 Optimus Prime and Grimlock
    - A7766 Slingshot and Southpaw [probably Crosshairs/Slingshot and Scorn]
    [one of these two is likely actually A7765]
    - A7767 Stinger and Thunderlips [probably Stinger and Slug]
    - A7768 Bumblebee and Strafe (Bruce and Paulie)

    Its also worth noting that there are new Beast Hunters figures listed, as well as tons of Constructbots. Also confirmed is the "Calvin Johnson Megatron" that first appeared on eBay.

    ALSO there are listings for all the Takara MPs up to and including Sideswipe, but because all the Takara and Botcon items on the list, that doesn't really confirm anything.

    I'll update this list if anything more pops up.

  2. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    New post, with confirmation of the Calvin Johnson Megatron that was on eBay a while back.

  3. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I see a lot of Takara items in there as well as things that were canceled... legends Trypticon was in the 2006/7 Classics as a repaint of Cybertron Legends Scourge.

    B&W Donald Duck??
    Optimus and Ivan? Wha?
    Animated Activators Hot Shot and Rodimus??
    Animated Deluxe Hot Shot
    Animated Blackout
    Asia Kids Day Protectabot 2 pack and 3 pack

  4. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    >Construct Bots Rider Bruce



  5. BenjaminXavier has no avatar! BenjaminXavier says

    Originally Posted by Mechafire View Post
    >Construct Bots Rider Bruce



    It'll be interesting to see what else turns up, at least it gives us something to speculate over till Toyfair.

    With that said, is there anyone with technical knowledge that can just pull the code out of the page and get a full list where we can pull out known older products without having to scroll though this silly drop down?

  6. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Doubleheader! (Though I think it's supposed to be dealer... Sigh)
    Voyager Roadbuster!

    Leader Jetfire!
    Leader Megatron!
    Generations Arcee! Air Raid! Chromia!


  7. spartan 3764's Avatar spartan 3764 says

    Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post
    Doubleheader! (Though I think it's supposed to be dealer... Sigh)
    Voyager Roadbuster!


    Leader Jetfire!
    Leader Megatron!
    Generations Arcee! Air Raid! Chromia!
    Voyage Brainstorm and RoadBuster?

    Thank, thank you universe...i love you...
    Originally Posted by NotRamjet97 View Post
    Kre-o Im guessing.

    Also Drift and Lockdown? Im guessing they also be in tf4..since CB seems to pull. From other lines.

  8. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    >Generations Voyager Brainstorm/Roadbuster

    Alright this is getting Banderas-worthy

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