Microblaze Creations MBC002 FOC Bruticus Upgrade Kit


Following up on some early leaked prototype pictures of a new unofficial Fall of Cybertron Onslaught figure, we now have further clarification on the figure and the group making it. From new 3rd party group, Microblaze Creations, we have the MB002 FOC Bruticus Upgrade kit. This upgrade, which is arguably one of the nicest looking to come out in awhile, will contain an unofficial Voyager Onslaught figure and a bunch of add-on pieces for the rest of the Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Combaticons. The end result? Well, you’ll have to click on the title bar to get a look at the prototype pictures of how this upgrade kit improves on the Hasbro release. At least, as far as game accuracy.

Check out the images by clicking on the title bar.

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  1. archieboy's Avatar archieboy says

    UPDATE March 12, 2014:

    Preorder by March 25 and get FREE color-compatible parts for SDCC/Platinum Bruticus. Parts will be available for sale later.

    UPDATE March 3, 2014:

    Video of how the arms work:


    From STFU

    What it should have been in the first place. Looks promising, though it will give Echo's upgrade set some stiff competition.

  2. David Hingtgen's Avatar David Hingtgen says

    Nice, but I'd only buy it if they make all 5. This plus Hasbro's limbs still wouldn't be that great, IMHO.

  3. LazyAza's Avatar LazyAza says

    Neat, wish they were making an entire set though. I'd actually be more interested in that than Warbo I think.

  4. DJW107PRIME's Avatar DJW107PRIME says

    That's tight. I wonder what the deco will be mabye SDCC/Platnium, G2 or Retail, damn mabye all three at once.

  5. Knightdramon's Avatar Knightdramon says

    Very interesting. Here's to hoping this will come out sooner than later...

  6. cylor's Avatar cylor says

    I'd be difinitely in for an Impactor remold that fits with the Ruination wreckers.

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