TJ Miller Talks Transformers: Age Of Extinction


Comedian TJ Miller has just wrapped up Transformers 4 and he went over to the Breakfast Television to talk about it.

Mr. Miller talked about how fit actor Mark Wahlberg is and how he is the opposite. TJ Miller also confirmed the name of his role as Lucas. The actor also said Mark Wahlberg told him that his hair smells nice (this is a strange strange interview, people).

Check out the whole interview at The Breakfast Television. Mind you, he accidentally shouts throughout the entire interview thinking he doesn’t have a microphone.

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  1. tonyformer's Avatar tonyformer says

    That is probably one of the strangest interviews I have seen in a while.

  2. Starscream NZ has no avatar! Starscream NZ says

    Never heard of this guy before, I wish it could've stayed this way.

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