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Hishashi Yuki’s Twitter Account has posted a new image of Transformers Go! Sensuimaru. The ninja-robot-space-shark is the sea themed member of the Shinobi Team trio and completes the second combiner in the Transformers Go! line. He’s set to be a Japan-only release.

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  1. VictoryLeo19's Avatar VictoryLeo19 says

    I'm a big fan of aquatic alt modes, but it may just be that this is a Japan-only figure that makes me so interested. I'd need to see a better bot mode, but I like it.

  2. drpockets's Avatar drpockets says

    I like that he transforms into a shark-shaped blimp.

    No, I'm just kidding. It's terrible.

  3. SMOG's Avatar SMOG says

    I'm sort of charmed by the blimp-proportions on this guy. Maybe it's "japaneseness" makes it easier to appreciate a roly-poly shark.


  4. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    The chubby Shark mode is adorable. I'm not into the robot modes on these guys though, not for me.

  5. Angel Magnus's Avatar Angel Magnus says

    Originally Posted by chnkyclnkytrike View Post
    Transformers go is beast hunters in Japan?
    "Go" covers both the Beast Hunters phase of the Transformers: Prime toyline, and a series of Japanese-only Predacon repaints (including the Abominus repaint, Goradora), and new-mold Swordbot Samurai and Shinobi combiners - and their related fiction.

    It's like how they took G1 and wandered off with it in the late 80s, with Star Saber, Dai Atlas, etc. Or how they did the same in the 90s during the Beast Era, with Beast Wars II and Neo.


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