TFC Toys Project Ares Nemean Color Prototype Image


Striaght from the weibo page of TFC Toys themselves, we have our first look at their first upcoming unofficial Razorclaw figure, Nemean. Nemean is shown here in color plastic unpainted prototype. He is also shown in his combined torso mode of Ares.

This figure is slated for a 4th Quarter 2013 release. What do you think thus far TFW? In the realm of unofficial Predakings do you already have most of your Predacons in hand? Are you waiting for preorders to drop? Or are you holding out for Project Ares? Sound off in our 3rd Party Forum!

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  1. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Official TFC Images

    First Ares Teaser posted March 4, 2013

    Ares Group Teaser


    Ares Fist Prototype posted July 10, 2013





    Combined TFC Ares!

  2. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Fan Photoshops & Fan Add-on Sets




    Full size is 1920X1080 click on the image to download the full size at Minus.

  3. Hyperoptic's Avatar Hyperoptic says

    Yeah, this is gonna be perfect. Thanks for hooking us up TB77

  4. kaizen3121 has no avatar! kaizen3121 says

    On point TB77! Are the mods going to merge the other thread with this one?

  5. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    You sir make one hell of a meathead setup.

    Not to mention those badass photoshops

  6. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Finally TFW is working again I will pull the other photoshops over from the other thread and PM a Mod to lock or merge the threads.

    Updates coming if TFW stops crashing on me.

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