Official Images of Upcoming Masterpieces – Soundblaster and Ratbat Announced


The Masterpiece line marches on, as official images emerge through preorder solicitations from site sponsor TFSource. We get to see what appears to be the final deco of the previously confirmed G2 Sideswipe, sporting red windshields and the additional weapon add-ons. The G2 Autobot symbol adorns his hood/chest. Also, if you look closely, there is one image with the G2 decoed spoiler and one image without. Could this mean that this figure will include a label sheet? Feel free to speculate!

The next image is two new figure, albeit one is a redeco of an existing figure – Masterpiece Soundblaster and Ratbat! While Soundblaster is a redeco of the Masterpiece Soundwave mold, Ratbat is a new mold entirely!

You can place your preorders with TFSource here for G2 Sideswipe and here for Soundblaster and Ratbat!

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  1. scubaboy31's Avatar scubaboy31 says

    And away we go!

    SS looks sexy as hell, have to wonder if I'd apply the G2 labels (probably not)

    Soundblaster looks amazing as expected. Ratbat looks insane. Looks like it's a must buy.

    Just waiting for the Hasbro crowd to start moaning that Ratbat wasn't included in their boxset.

  2. RobotoChan's Avatar RobotoChan says

    Fantastic - my wallet is weeping

    I Knew Soundblaster would be coming along soon... I cannot wait.

  3. Coltello has no avatar! Coltello says

    If anyone wants to get rid of their MP Ratbat and keep their Soundblaster let me know!

  4. Mr.Deflok's Avatar Mr.Deflok says

    Green stickers for SS? I'm so happy... Cannot wait. Yes!

    Don't care about Soundblaster as I have a Talk MP13 plus all his tapes.

  5. Ejector369 has no avatar! Ejector369 says

    I wonder if MP Soundblaster with Ratbat means we'll be getting MP versions of Slugfest, Overkill, Squawktalk, and Beastbox?

  6. The_Black_Sheep's Avatar The_Black_Sheep says

    I can't see myself buying an MP SoundBlaster solely for Ratbat, That's for sure...

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