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Charticon 2013 is now in the history books, as many fans in North Carolina and also from the rest of the US gathered for the first unofficial Transformers convention held in Charlotte, NC. There were exclusive toys, discussion panels, a dealer room, official guests, a huge dealer room, a charity auction . . . in short, it was quite the event! While fans await the next convention, TFW2005.COM has compiled a photo gallery enabling fans to relive the memories of all of the fun times! There are over 750 images in this gallery alone! There is the main album, and also several sub-albums!

The TFW2005.COM Charticon 2013 Photo Gallery is now officially online!

TFW2005.COM would like to thank the following contributors to this gallery: actionfigure73, daimchoc, NC Bulkhead, Onslaught24, PurdueAV2003, Radio Free Cybertron, Superquad7, tfshadowcons, TruStarscreamer, and UndertakerPrime

If you would like to have us add your photos from Charticon 2013 to our gallery, be sure to let us know!

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  1. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says

    Where? I see no links. and clicking on the ones in the news post do nothing but go to the charticon site and back here. :/

  2. jammer506's Avatar jammer506 says

    Charticon was a super funtastic con. I worked as staff both days, I was the tall redhead. Hope everyone who went had a great time, and everyone who didn't... YOU MISSED OUT.

  3. Sludge's Avatar Sludge says

    This is awesome! Great job, Allen!! There are a lot of pictures in there that even I haven't seen. It's only been a month and it already brings back so many good memories!

    I still can't believe all the people we had packed in that hotel room party, and that nobody complained.

  4. Arkvander's Avatar Arkvander says

    Dude this is just amazing. It is going to take me a week to go through them all!

  5. actionfigure73's Avatar actionfigure73 says

    Man, I was there for all 3 days and still missed some stuff.
    Can't wait for the next one.

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