X2Toys XT-004 Metroplex Gun New Images


The TF Upgrader Facebook page has posted a few new images of X2Toys’ upcoming guns for use on Generations Metroplex. This gun will especially come in handy if you bought the Hasbro release of Metroplex(which only comes with 1 red gun). More images of X2Toys’ prototype can be seen by reading on.

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  1. Gundamben831's Avatar Gundamben831 says

    ^ I agree they should have designed them to make sixgun that would have been neat

  2. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Wasn't a 3rd party transforming Six-gun announced? My memory is fuzzy so I may have heard wrong.

  3. Mr.Deflok's Avatar Mr.Deflok says

    Keep in mind the altmode pic is actually a mid-transformation pic. Not sure why they think they need to hide it. Some of these 3P's are mentally retarded when it comes to showing off their product.

  4. Ellamin's Avatar Ellamin says

    if it's not too pricey, I might like it, be a neat sciencey prop and it turns into a neat gun I could hold, or give to metroplex if I ever got one.

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