Target Exclusive Predacons Rising Cyberverse Legion Wave 2 Sighted


The 2nd wave of Predacons Rising Cyberverse Legion sets(exclusive to Target) has been spotted! Alkamist spotted the Night Shadow Bumblebee VS Blight set at his local Target in California.

Happy hunting!

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  1. alkamist has no avatar! alkamist says

    Surprisingly, found these today at the Target in Walnut Creek, CA.

    Legion Night Shadow Bumblebee and Blight

    Add this to the list of W2 Commanders 2 pack Bombshock and Shockwave, and W2 Deluxe Nova Blast Bumblebee that just came out recently!

    DPCI is the same as the previous wave as expected: 087-06-2429 @ $9.99

  2. Dirge121's Avatar Dirge121 says

    Nice, last time I was at Target they gave me a $3 off any Predacons Rising stuff so I'll pick up this pack for sure.

  3. Timothy.R's Avatar Timothy.R says

    another bumblebee.. meh. they could've added a different figure.

  4. Lody666's Avatar Lody666 says

    Cant even find the regular releases of the last three Terrorcons....

  5. Ryan F's Avatar Ryan F says

    Originally Posted by payres View Post
    Come to the UK soon, Phil needs himself a red Blot!
    In the UK, the Predacons Rising sub-line is a Tesco Exclusive; I ordered the clear Abomimus and the Smokescreen/Cindersaur two pack from their website a few weeks ago.

    Hopefully this set gets listed there soon also!

  6. payres has no avatar! payres says

    Yeah, I got Abominus, Prime & Predaking and the superb Smokescreen/Cindersaur set in store a month or so back.

    Must swing by for a look in the morning

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