Predacons Rising Cryofire Predaking Sighted


The Robots In Disguise Cryotek inspired voyager class Cryofire Predaking has been spotted by MegaHavok! This figure has started to trickle into Target stores but sightings aren’t widespread yet. Keep an eye out and post your Transformers sightings here!

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  1. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    Pretty obvious but just thought I would verify for everybody that I picked up the voyager repaint today at a target in Yorba Linda, ca.

    Pics to follow.....

  2. alkamist has no avatar! alkamist says

    Another thing to add to the list now...Just when I thought I was caught up, I forgot this guy was coming out as Voyager W2.

    I think those Predaking colors look pretty cool. I wonder if he'll be sportin' those colors in the October movie?

    Thanks for the post!

  3. MegaHavok's Avatar MegaHavok says

    ok guys...fair warning
    Cryo Fire's neck is made of two black pieces completely painted which are chipping horribly

  4. ATLMYK has no avatar! ATLMYK says

    So instead of releasing in Beast Wars Megatron colors that would be buy on sight status they release in color of the repaint of bw Megatron that was not very popular.

  5. prfctcellrulz's Avatar prfctcellrulz says

    I originally skipped the Voyager Predaking in favor of the Ultimate version, but it looks like I'm getting this version as well, but since I already have a Predaking, I'll treat this one as Beast Hunters Cryotek.

  6. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Are the head spikes for robot mode sill made out of very soft plastic?

  7. Timothy.R's Avatar Timothy.R says

    i really wish they had used the new voyager mold for this.

    i really hate where the wings sit in robot mode. just ruins the toy for me.

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