Phil Jimenez Interview on Dark Cybertron – Preview Pages Included


Phil Jimenez, one of the artists of the upcoming Transformers cross-over vent – Dark Cybertron, conducted an interview with Previews World. Within the interview, Phil talks about how he came about this job, the style and development of the artwork, and how his working relationship is with the other artists on the series. Additionally, the interview contains several clear preview pages from Dark Cybertron!

Be warned that these images do contain some minor spoilers regarding a recent event in IDW’s Transformers storylines.

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  1. edgs2099's Avatar edgs2099 says

    It's not Milne or Roche, but it looks DAMN good. I'm glad for this.

  2. Angelwave's Avatar Angelwave says

    Holy crap! That artwork does look amazing! Not in a stylized way, but crisp, clean, and full of life. It's almost as if he envisioned the art animated and translated it to a static medium.

  3. Impactor1106's Avatar Impactor1106 says

    I have a feeling Dark Cybertron is going to be AWESOME!!!! Those preview pages look amazing.

  4. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Neat that he got the job in part because of his DC/Transformers crossover pitch that didn't go anywhere. His promo art for that concept was pretty cool.

  5. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    Jimenez may be a clone of George Prez, but there are far worse artists whose style to follow.

  6. Hadlen_Weltall's Avatar Hadlen_Weltall says


    A few years back, I was in a discussion at the comic shop with the local "Expert" (a guy who was a perfect copy of the Simpsons character) who said "robot artists are lazy compared to 'real' artists."

    Well, time for him to suck it!

  7. DJW107PRIME's Avatar DJW107PRIME says

    Okay fine quality art will not be an issue needing attention in this run I see.

  8. adambman's Avatar adambman says

    By and large the line work is great, a solid foundation for the colouring and use of shade that I feel deserve a mention. I'm looking forward to this too with the attendant Generations figures and (toy) speculation!

    Would I be right in suggesting that one of the minor spoilers has to do with the link between a member of Orion Pax's crew and events in the last MTMTE installment? Other spoilers may have escaped me; I have some serious catching up to do with RiD.

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