Reprolabels September Update


Reprolabels have sent out an update for September. New sets added this month are headlined with sets for Masterpiece Starscream and Masterpiece Sunstorm.

Micromasters get a lot of love this month, with a set of reproduction stickers for Generation 1 Skystalker. There are also customization sets for the Micromasters Airwave, Barricade, Big Hauler, Bombshock, Full-Barrel & Overflow, Greasepit, Hot House, Neutro, Seawatch and Skystalker. Rounding out the Micromaster love are Ultra Micro Symbols – super-small symbols for your Micromasters, also including some tiny rust obscuring stickers for the toy’s hubcaps.

Also in this month’s update are sets for Arms Micron Rumble and Frenzy as well as Fall of Cybertron Soundwave and Blaster. The new sets this month are rounded out by sets for Fansproject T-Bone and TFC Toys Blackbird.

Check out all this and more at the Reprolabels homepage.

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  1. Red Snarl's Avatar Red Snarl says

    Just got an email about these.

    We've got new stickers for Masterpiece Starscream, designed to work with all versions featuring his G1 color scheme: - Starscream (V2)

    And an equivalent set for Sunstorm: - Sunstorm

    Justin continues his Third Party combiner sets. This time for Not Wildrider: - Wildrider

    ...and Not Silverbolt: - Silverbolt

    We're still adding to our G1 repro selection, this time with a set for Micromaster Skystalker:

    And Mike has been hard at work on sets for AM Frenzy and Rumble: - P12 - P13 well as Fall of Cybertron Soundwave: - FOC Soundwave

    ...and Blaster: - FOC Blaster

    And, do you like Micromasters? Because we've now added 11 new sets to the STF section. These are for a selection of individual Micromasters from G1. Although the toys are becoming rare, it's worth a look to see the pretty stickers:
    Airwave: - Airwave
    Barricade: - Barricade
    Big Hauler: - Big Hauler
    Bombshock: - Bombshock
    Full-Barrel and Overflow: - Full-Barrel & Overflow
    Greasepit: - Greasepit
    Hothouse: - Hot House
    Neutro: - Neutro
    Seawatch: - Seawatch
    Skystalker: - Skystalker

    And finally, a set of symbols for use on Micromasters. These are the smallest labels we've ever made! The set also includes some nifty rust-hiding hub caps for the Micro cars: - Ultra Micro Symbols

  2. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    Those Micromaster sets would have been useful 3 years ago when I still had mine.

    Hopefully you guys do a set for Prime: Prowl. That toy is woefully lacking in detail in alt mode.

  3. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    I'm debating on whether I should use the miniature or the new ultra-micro stickers to turn the Arms Microns from the Gravity Planet Bowgun set into Autobots. Any advice either way?

  4. T-Logicon's Avatar T-Logicon says

    Reprolabels rocks. Nothing but love - even with the long ship times.

  5. Ryan F's Avatar Ryan F says

    The MP Starscream set would be something I'd consider buying, but on the website they are shown applied to the iGear version. I have the latest TakTom MP, the one that came with the crown and cape.

    Given the differences between the two versions (the legs and feet are quite different), I wonder: are the leg and feet stickers in this set compatible with the latest MP Starscream, because in the photos they sit snugly on the (differently moulded) iGear toy.


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