Chinese Concept Car E-jet Spotted On The Set Of Transformers 4


A new car has been seen on the set of Transformers 4 being filmed. It’s a Chinese Concept Car going by the name of E-jet.

This time there is a good chance for E-jet to be a Cybertronian in disguise. Why do we say that? We all know China plays a huge role in the upcoming 4th Michael Bay Transformers Live Action Movie. That, plus the fact that it is a Concept Car… the odds of this new car being a robot it rather high. But, we don’t know for sure. It could very well be just another prop car. Who knows? Only time can tell. Stick with TFW2005 as we bring you more info.

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  1. spikebuster has no avatar! spikebuster says

    I don't know if this will work or not but i found this pic on instagram. it could be nothing but the tinted windows and possible california plate could be something interesting. it was apparently on set today.Instagram

  2. black mamba's Avatar black mamba says

    ......I'll be....It looks customized and catchy enough to be a TF.

  3. abc55abc55 has no avatar! abc55abc55 says

    That car sure does look special, I'm not sure if it's a Transformer but it looks really nice! It might be a Transformer because the guy on the other side is also taking a picture.

  4. Ace Convoy's Avatar Ace Convoy says

    That my Car savvy friends has got to be either a design study for the current Buick Regal or a study for the next gen Buick Regal.

    Or a Mazda design study....

  5. QLRformer's Avatar QLRformer says

    Oooh, that's one handsome car. Looks more like ordinary transport though, not as distinct as the Bugatti, Pagani or Lambo.

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