New third party Bruticus in the works?


Third party group “Warbotron” released prototype pictures today of their take on G1 Bruticus and the combaticons, currently only known as “WB01”. This previously unknown group skipped months of speculation and veiled silhouettes, instead revealing all of their figures and their alt-modes in plastic in one fell swoop!

Check out this unexpected surprise by clicking on the link below.

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  1. warbotron has no avatar! warbotron says

    Warbotron new item WB01

    Originally Posted by Honesty View Post
    Also anyone know what these translucent plastic pieces [that came with Fierce Attack] are for? I'm assuming the black backing stuff is for the bottom of the combiner feet (I'll be using blu tack instead and keeping this in the bag however)
    Originally Posted by axisvega View Post
    those are replacement teeth for the [combiner feet] ankle ratchets.

    Originally Posted by MrFurious View Post
    Maybe this has been answered before but what are the extra pieces that come with Whirlwind for?
    Originally Posted by firedemon3 View Post
    The parts are suppose to be intended for Airburst to fix the v1 having a very loose ratchet joint in the combiner peg. Fierce Attack is suppose to come with a new torso for Airburst so it may be best to wait.

    Also if you were using a wrench to turn the peg clockwise or counter clockwise to try it for combination, someone mentioned (might have been warbotron) in an earlier post it is best not to do that as the peg will work as intended once combined.
    Swapping out the chest for WB-01A Airburst

  2. supervir2's Avatar supervir2 says

    Wha what!?

    I'm in line! These look terrific - almost like a MP Bruticus!

  3. Slimaximus's Avatar Slimaximus says

    Now that is how you do an announcement, other companies take note. So yeah I'm probably going to sell my fp bruticus now

  4. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    They tweeted out more pics to Peaugh of the individual robots and the altmodes.

    I really want to know more about these guys yesterday. Is this a new group, are these established third party designers, how much will it cost.... seriously, this is amazing.

  5. Zavien's Avatar Zavien says

    Agreed I want to know more. I want to subscribe unless an actual thread is made.

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