Transformers Prime Predacons Rising Trailer

Get ready for the ultimate conclusion of Transformers Prime.

IMDB has posted a trailer for the upcoming Transformers Prime Predacons Rising feature-length episode. The trailer contains some spoiler material, so give this one a miss if you do not wish to be spoiled.

The trailer is not available for viewing on certain countries but 2005 Boards member DJsFromCtron was kind enough to upload it to Youtube.

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  1. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    Unicron Megatron looks awesome. Also really glad to see John Noble is back, and Bumblebee will keep his mouth (and presumably voice) for the movie!

  2. Megatronus's Avatar Megatronus says

    Ahh, sweet sweetness. This looks quite promising, so far. Glad to know that Unicron Megatron actually looks different from regular Megatron. I was worried that was just going to be a toy thing.

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