Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Released at Canadian Retail

IMG_5322 reports that the Toys R Us exclusive Masterpiece Soundwave has been spotted at Canadian retail.

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  1. leov36's Avatar leov36 says

    Awesome. At least by getting it in the store you'll know how the box looks

  2. Ribieconvoy's Avatar Ribieconvoy says

    Hopefully this is like Predacons Rising and the thing gets released all over pretty fast. I'm gonna be near a few TRUs on the East Coast tomorrow and would love to find one of these puppies!

  3. Exodus's Avatar Exodus says

    Originally Posted by Steroid Prime View Post
    Expect ebay to get flooded with listings from cali
    I thought they already were from SDCC
    Originally Posted by Burnout View Post
    HOL CRAP!!!! 130 bucks?! NOOOOOO thank you.
    Beats 200 plus on Ebay, plus that's CA sales tax on top of it...

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