Roberto Orci on what’s next for Transformers after Transformers Prime


Roberto Orci, who along with Alex Kurtzman excutive produced Transforemers Prime, has taken part in a brief Q&A session with IGN and confirmed his involvement in the next Transformers show.

A key point of the discussion that will interest many of you is the statement about what is coming next. “It’s not really a reboot, it’s sort of a continuation of it [Transformers Prime] in a tonally different form.” – Orci goes on to explain that this means they want to service the right audiences, they don’t want to scare little kids the way Transformers Prime sometimes could. Essentially a parallel series that is “connected” but friendly to the family. In response to a follow-up question on this, Orci states that the look will be more kid-friendly, but the wit will still be there, it won’t be any less entertaining or any less like Transformers, but they don’t want to put off little kids with the series’ intensity.

One thing that is interesting is that when asked if Transformers Prime as a story will be in continuity with this series, Roberto was non-committal, explaining that this very issue is currently under discussion – so while not a complete reboot, it sounds as though the new series being a direct sequel is equally not confirmed.

Watch this space for more news!

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  1. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    This is interesting. Hopefully we'll see some of the old characters from Prime return for the new series.

  2. Shockwave9227's Avatar Shockwave9227 says

    So something more family friendly, simpler designs, and possibly a sequel to Prime?

    I wouldn't mind it.

  3. spartan 3764's Avatar spartan 3764 says

    Originally Posted by kaijuguy19 View Post
    This is interesting. Hopefully we'll see some of the old characters from Prime return for the new series.
    Smokescreen Prime anyone?

  4. Bumblethumper's Avatar Bumblethumper says

    not much to go on here. Sounds like it's the same creative team, for better or worse.

    'Family friendly' isn't necessarily a bad thing. They'll probably have a new look and brighter colours.

  5. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    A reminder to people that "toning it down" probably just means "less wanton killing of guys all over the place."

    As let's face it, Prime had quite the body count.

    And if the current people are doing the show still, cool. They found their footing by the end of the series in terms of balancing plot/action (it took too long, but still) and producers like Orci/Kurtzman have good connections for getting guest voices.

    And if it's being toned down, the violence/fight scenes can't be as much of a crutch for the writers, that said. Rescue Bots S1 was consistently a better series than Prime S1 on account of it having better writing, despite the target demographic/audience being different.

    All the rumors we've heard sound like the same guidelines Animated operated under. And as long as we don't have Man of Action running the series, we should be good.

  6. MegaVonTronus's Avatar MegaVonTronus says

    im all for this but the things that made Prime so great for me was its dark and intense moments now i have been proven wrong when new shows are promoted as being more family friendly and stuff and in the end ive enjoyed them (IE rescue bots) but if this IS supposedly a continuation of prime im just not sure how this will work but nonetheless im keeping an opened mind.

  7. TFW10's Avatar TFW10 says

    Thanks for sharing, some of our answers have been answered, which is good news.

    This "toned down" series, don't know, I'm going to keep an open mind, on this one.

    I'm really going to miss the CGI in TFP.

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