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A new trailer for Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime has been released. Prime Toys have released their own unofficial version of the trailer which transforms into the circular weapons rack from the opening battle at Chernobyl in Transformers Dark of the Moon. This version can mount the numerous accessories of a Leader Class Revenge of the Fallen / Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime on the central ring, including the Jetwing pack at the top. Please remember though this one is not an officially licensed product from Hasbro or Takara-Tomy.

If you are interested, the trailer is currently listed on several eBay auctions, such as this one where the pictures are taken from.

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  1. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    New trailer for ROTF/DOTM Leader Optimus Prime. Already out. Similar to the UFO version, maybe not as good looking, but still decent and better than just an empty rolling box.

  2. FatedLazarus's Avatar FatedLazarus says

    Very interesting. This came out of no where. However, it does not look nearly as good as the UFO one. Nice find!

  3. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    Yeah, to me, this one is to the UFO trailer what the BTS trailer was to the G3 trailer. I gave G3 + DIA Commander to Henkei Prime and BTS to Classics. I guess I'll be giving this to Buster Prime #1 (mouth version) and the UFO one to Buster Prime #2 (faceplate version).

  4. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    For info, a source link would be really useful (read: saves me doing a ton of legwork on something I'm indifferent about) for posting news stories.

    Looks a nice set, and great if that's what you want to finish up the look of your DotM Prime, but I don't know, I prefer the look of the UFO one, and I was never big on trailers for Primes that didn't turn into armour anyway.

  5. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Ah, should have guessed (was almost there, googled another auction but that one used images lifted from ACToys)

    Cheers dude, much appreciated.

  6. EnerJohn has no avatar! EnerJohn says

    I think this would have been more popular if this came out last summer. I would have been interested. But with TF4 coming out with new molds, I think people are going to skip this and save up for TF4 figures...I could be wrong...

  7. Power12354 has no avatar! Power12354 says

    This is cool and all, but I'm still waiting for someone to build 3rd party versions of some of that concept armor from DOTM...

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