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E-Hobby have also updated their preorder page for the Japanese Generations TG-29 Sandstorm with official images. The Japanese Sandstorm is notably a lot more orange, with the gun, cab and wings all done in orange plastic as opposed to the yellow or black they were in the US release. Other paint deco changes include some silver on the front bull-bars. Once again we have attached the images to this post for your perusal.

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  1. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    TG-29 Sandstorm has been listed at Ehobby, featuring the G1 two-toned orange deco rather than the orange/yellow used for the US release. There are other color shifts as parts cast in yellow and black blastic on the Hasbro release have been rendered in orange for the Takara version. There are also paint deco differences such as a painted silver brushguard, centrally alligned Autobot symbol, and lack of black paint covering the waist.

    EHobby product page for TG-29 Sandstorm

  2. Shockwave9227's Avatar Shockwave9227 says

    He looks naked with the orange in place of some of the black.

    It does look nice but I already have the Hasbro one. It's around $60 anyways.

  3. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    Not gonna lie, kinda wish the went with a Machine Wars color scheme.

    This is just too similar for me to justify buying.

  4. LeoPrime's Avatar LeoPrime says

    Bright orange on orange rather than yellow on orange, just like G1. About what I figured they'd do. Between the Springer, Blitzwing, and this one, this is the one I'd be most likely to pick up, but I'll have to see how my funds are around December.

  5. jcru has no avatar! jcru says

    It's a nice color scheme, but so was the hasbro.

    I'm not sure it justifies an extra $30.

  6. [Wing_Saber-X]'s Avatar [Wing_Saber-X] says

    yep. no sale.. so its hasbro for me. cheaper. way cheaper.

  7. TFXProtector has no avatar! TFXProtector says

    I like the silver detailing, that's it. That's like the second time a Hasbro deco was superior to TakaraTomys.

  8. Mewtwo's Avatar Mewtwo says

    Wow what a difference. It seems to not stand out as much. The Hasbro one just contrast so good. The Colors work so well together and just pop so much more on the Hasbro. Glad I'm getting that version.

  9. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    I was wondering what the hell was up with HLJ's preorder for a "Thunderstorm", glad it's not some new figure and just their Sandstorm. That said I do prefer this deco to hasbro's, but still not enough to get me to buy it.

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