Japanese Generations TG-28 Legends Megatron and Starscream Official Images


E-Hobby have updated their preorder page for the Japanese Generations TG-29 Megatron and Starscream Legends set with official pictures of the figures. The Japanese release of these Legends class toys gives Megatron a Generation 1 inspired deco rather than the IDW inspired deco of the US version. Starscream features a shinier deco and nul-ray blasters matched to the main figure’s colors. Chop Shop is a darker shade looking more brown like the original Generation 1 toy, and Waspinator likewise has a modified deco with a more muted, shiny green on his body and a darker green on his arms. Check out the images attached to this news post.

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  1. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    Also up at Ehobby is TG-28: Generations Legends Megatron and Starscream 2-pack. Megatron forgoes the IDW inspired miner deco and instead sports the quintessential G1 silver deco. Starscream sports color matched arm blasters and a metallic deco, while the targetmaster partners are both rendered in slightly different hues. Notably Chop Shop is much closer to his G1 Brown than the burgundy Hasbro release.

    Ehobby TG-28 product page

  2. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    Cool, looks good. Preorder's up at AmiAmi (same with Sandstorm), so preorder placed for this two-pack.

  3. Dirge121's Avatar Dirge121 says

    Megatron is really nice, but Starscream isn't different enough to double dip for me. If they redeco the mold as Thundercracker and Skywarp for a 2-pack I am down as hell.

  4. Stryker055's Avatar Stryker055 says

    The deco on Megatron is nice, but totally misses the point of the design.

  5. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Now Megatron looks more or less like his IDW Infiltration-era Cybertronian body (some characters have had way too many damn designs in IDW) without the backpack. Shiny, but at the same time, kinda less interesting.

    ...and yeah, as has been said, kinda misses the point of the molded details.

  6. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    Megatron defintely looks better to me than the US version. Don't really like the darker brown on Chop Shop though. Hasbro wins on that front, although this one could make for a nice insecticon clone. Right now I like that Starscream quite a bit especially since they painted part of the tail fin.

    Money is a bit tight right now so probably won't be able to go for this set unless the Yen dips to a favorable low. HLJ link if anyone's interested:
    TG-28 Megatron & Starscream by Takara Tomy | HobbyLink Japan

  7. Flexx Ark's Avatar Flexx Ark says

    That Megatron looks as good as it gets. I wish BBTS had this on Preorder.

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