Beast Hunters Beast Bites Humans Video

The Transformers Youtube channel has uploaded a new Transformers Prime “Beast Bites” video. This video focuses on the human allies of the Autobots, and those who are in on the secret – which as it turns out, is a whole lot of people! Check out “the Worst Kept Secret” embedded below:

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  1. The Swordsman's Avatar The Swordsman says

    ......That's pretty funny actually, and it does bring up a really good point.

  2. Soundbytes's Avatar Soundbytes says

    Clicked this expecting leaked footage from the Predacons Rising movie for some reason. Ended up laughing my ass off XD The ending ad for the website was the best.

  3. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    They should have played the clip with that monkey at the end whenever Raf replaces Bumblebee online.

  4. ChibiGingi's Avatar ChibiGingi says

    THANK YOU. Seriously, internet in Prime verse must be run by a bunch of monkeys to not have picked up on the Autobots before.


    Wait, the internet IS full of monkeys. Dancing monkeys. :l

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