Transformers Monstrosity #3(of 4) Preview


If you’ve enjoyed the printed versions of Transformers Monstrosity, IDW‘s got another issue out tomorrow and we’ve got the preview!

Transformers Monstrosity #3
MEGATRON UNCHAINED! In the early days of the war, MEGATRON-exiled on JUNKION-battles to reclaim the throne of CYBERTRON. But the TERRORCONS have other ideas. . . Meanwhile, GRIMLOCK and the DINOBOTS threaten OPTIMUS PRIME’s fledgling republic!

Read on to preview this issue!

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  1. QLRformer's Avatar QLRformer says

    Megatron returns to Cybertron. Slag is going to go DOWN when he finds his punching bag is in charge of his homeworld.

  2. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    I like how Megatron takes cues from the DOTM version. He pulls it off very well.

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