Generations Sandstorm Concept Artwork by Nick Roche


On Twitter, Transformers artist extraordinaire Nick Roche has shared some concept artwork that he did for Hasbro. This concept artwork is for the Autobot Sandstorm, which was used for the Generations Sandstorm toy. Check out the tweet with the cool artwork that inspired one of the best Voyager Class toys of the year so far! And check out our site gallery to see how the concept compared with the final version.

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  1. transformerwars's Avatar transformerwars says

    Not entirely sure if this qualifies as news, but Nick Roche has put up a concept art image of Sandstorm on his Twitter (@NickRoche) to be used as a design basis for the Generations voyager class figure. Here's the image mirrored..

  2. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    Originally Posted by rosewater View Post
    Beauty. Can someone please make that gun?
    Hasbro did. It comes with the toy.

  3. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    It really is pretty cool seeing just how much of this design is in the final toy despite engineering changes, like the wheels on the legs becoming fake wheel detailing.

  4. mattwhite924's Avatar mattwhite924 says

    I designed Sandstorm for Hasbro back in 2010, so I think Springer was reverse-engineered from these images. Mad!
    Don't forget that it seems that Springer was based off these images, instead of the other way around. It's crazy how well this turned out for both characters.

  5. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    Very nice, though I would have preferred the face masked version from LSOTW

  6. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Veeery cool. So good it outshines an already brilliant remold in fact.

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