New Transformers 4 Set Photo Reveals A New Weapon


Latest spy image from the set of Transformers 4 reveals a new Sword-like Weapon. This sword is wielded by none-other-than Mark Wahlberg himself.

There is no confirmation whether the weapon is human-made or not, but judging by the look of the sword, it looks as though it’s Cybertronian in origin.

Transformers Fans already went ahead and given various names for the sword. The most popular speculation being… well, what else… The Star Saber. But what do you think this is? Tell us your opinion by replying to the thread associated with this News Post.

Update: New pics from JustJared clearly show the All-Spark like Cybertronian carvings on the sword.

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  1. SamNickelson's Avatar SamNickelson says

    In the set video of Hound shielding the humans, you can clearly make out a sword on Flynn's back. (Wahlberg) It is safe to assume that this sword is most likely another relic but the question is, which one? And what could it have to do with the film's plot?

  2. Red Goblin's Avatar Red Goblin says

    There are couple of options. Star Saber, Chaos Edge, Cyber Caliber, Omni Saber, or one of Blades of Time.

  3. thien425's Avatar thien425 says

    Ohhhhh, Blades of Time huh? I had a theory about time travel in this movie, so maybe I could be right haha.

  4. QLRformer's Avatar QLRformer says

    Secrets were revealed to Mark Wahlberg the day he held his sword aloft and said, "By the power of Grayskull!"

    (It was either that or a Voltron joke )

    That sword does look special. My guess is it's the Star Saber, which has regained popularity thanks to TF PRIME.

  5. mirage4lifeyo has no avatar! mirage4lifeyo says

    Film crew: "Hey is that a Star Saber in Marky Mark's pocket or is he just happy to see us?"

    /feel it, feel it

  6. AAarcher221's Avatar AAarcher221 says

    It's probably a sword the character jacks in one of the scenes, if they plan to do it.

    Or it's a Cybertronian toothpick.

  7. Buk Lau's Avatar Buk Lau says

    Could be something like what Wheeljack had. It's there, but never used. If he does use it, it's probably a combat sword of some sort. Maybe that Samurai bot gave it to him, sort of like how Wheeljack gave his inventions to the humans in DOTM.

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