Updated: Rumors For The Next Transformers Animated Series Surfaces?


As the Day-Time Emmy Award winning Transformers: Prime Animated Series comes to an end in mere 4 hours time, rumors of a new Transformer Animated Series has begun to surface. Not very far from here actually… member Potato of Sister Site Tokunation is bringing us some tidbits. You guys can take it under Rumor category for the moment though… but this is what we know so far:

  • The next series will go back to 2D roots.
  • Will be aimed more towards little kids.
  • It will be lot closer to the feel of Transformers: Rescue Bots rather than Transformers: Prime.
  • Same character designer from Transformers: Prime is working for the next series but the designs are simpler.

Update: Potatoes visited TFW2005 to update us with the fact that this new info is for the replacement show for Rescue Bots rather than Transformers: Prime.

Please remember this new info will fall under “rumor” until we see evidence. But it’s great for a healthy discussion though. Share your thoughts while you are waiting for the finale of Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters

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  1. SwerveGears's Avatar SwerveGears says

    Potato is a user on sister-site TokuNation who is also a director on The Legend of Korra. He has contacts with numerous other people in the field of animation. This includes the people who are working on the next Transformers cartoon.

    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    Right now the only action cartoons in production are Avengers, TMNT, Korra, Hulk, Max Steele, Star Wars and Ben 10 (off the top of my head) and some of these won't get renewed. Batman and Spiderman are pretty much done and in post production. There aren't any new action shows in the pipeline or pre-production (other than Star Wars and next Transformers (back to 2D)), so we're gonna be heading into an action dry spell within 2 years.
    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    Yeah, Transformers is going back to 2D. Same crew though, with Jose doing designs. Reason of this (as well as WB not doing anymore CG shows after Beware the Batman) is cost. CG shows cost roughly 3 times more than a quality show. So yeah...GL costs 3X more than YJ...but the return in profits wasn't that much more than YJ.
    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    Guys...I got some bad news. Next transformers is gonna be aimed at kids...as in it's gonna be closer to rescue bots than Prime. ...well..I guess there's always Transformers GO!, right?
    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    very very simple. I like the designs (same designer), but they are going in a completely opposite direction. Instructions were to keep them as simple as possible...and then start adding detials. Basically, can you design a robot with as little lines as possible?
    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    Yeah, it won't necessarily be bad. It could be good. I'm just letting nostalgia get the better of me. I hardly watch cartoons aimed at the younger/younger kids (rescue bots, super hero squad, the fischer price Rescue Heroes). But as Electric Turhak brought up, it might mean simpler toys too...that seems to be the case that a lot of companies are going. Mattel, Hasbro and etc.

    Thank god we still have japanese toys.
    Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    I'm friends with the folks working on it.
    From these posts, we have learned that the next Transformers cartoon will be animated in 2-D, have the same crew as Transformers: Prime, possess simplistic robot designs, and will be aimed at a younger demographic, much like Rescue Bots.

    UPDATE: This is not the replacement for Tranformers: Prime, but rather Transformers: Rescue Bots. The Transformers: Prime replacement will probably enter development after the release of Transformers 4.

  2. ChibiGingi's Avatar ChibiGingi says

    Part of me is a little disappointed because I liked the somewhat mature theme of Prime and it's going to be weird going back to a more carefree and younger audience approach after spending the past three years with 'srs business'.

    But on the other hand, I like Rescue Bots, and if this gives way for more character driven arcs and less heavy plot arcs (that sacrifice character development), I think I'll grow to like it. Going to miss the designs from Prime, but... eh, it had its run, and I'm eager to see what the new show has in store.

    Thanks for posting this! c:

  3. prime326's Avatar prime326 says

    While I do like the idea of 2d again I am not liking the younger demo. You have rescue bots for that demo, you dont need something different. I get the simpler designs based on Hasbro moving in that direction with the toys.

  4. Reaper Cloud's Avatar Reaper Cloud says

    Awesome! I wanted to stay away from any new cartoon after Prime ends, and this confirms that I won't be watching it.

    Hasbro and the kiddies...I hope they enjoy it. Maybe it will be another 12 years before a somewhat decent Transformers cartoon is made. I guess Prime's attempt at adults was a failure in Hasbro's eyes, since they are going back to kids. Oh well. Even with Prime being only slightly focused at an adult audience, it was still playing it safe way too often.

  5. Shockwave9227's Avatar Shockwave9227 says

    Hmmm, while I will miss the written complexity of Prime, this could be good as Rescue Bots proves to us. The toys...ummmm, I'll wait and see to form an opinion. One thing I do hope is that the animation isn't the same as Rescue Bots.

  6. Strarf's Avatar Strarf says

    A return to 2D would be awesome. I really don't like 3D animation.

  7. WilyMech's Avatar WilyMech says

    I am not happy with this at all. I don't mind simple designs but the younger demographic.

  8. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Yeah, best keep the designs as simple as possible for those upsized Cyberverse-esque toys!

    Fuck this. The downward spiral just keeps on going. Well, at least I won't have any expectations and thus won't be let down like I was with Prime.

  9. The Bucket Kitten's Avatar The Bucket Kitten says

    As with most things, I'll wait until more information comes out before jumping to any kind of conclusion.
    As it stands, I'm neither for nor against the upcoming series after Prime.

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