Transformers: Prime Season #3 Beast Hunters Episode #13 Deadlock Promo

Hope you all enjoyed the last Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters episode. Time is ticking away for the final Transformers: Prime episode; “Deadlock”.

Courtesy of You Tube user soundwavejordan, we have with us the Promo for the next week’s episode. It is widely known at this point that Bumblebee will finally talk. He is voiced by none other than Will Friedle; the voice of new Lion-O of the short lived 2011 animated reboot of the popular franchise ThunderCats (you can visit out sister site for cool TC news).

Now, get ready for the final showdown between the Heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons in a battle that will change the Transformers Universe… FOREVER!

Transformers: Prime Season #3Beast Hunters Episode #13; “Deadlock” airs next Friday, July 26th 7:30PM ET on Hub Network.

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  1. spartan 3764's Avatar spartan 3764 says

    What was that Bee had before being shot?
    it almsot looks like a person..with long legs

  2. Applejacktimus's Avatar Applejacktimus says

    I think that's the StarSaber falling with Bee. Wether it got hit by the Omega Lock or not, I have no idea.

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