AGC-HK Optimus Prime and Megatron Mascots


Our sponsors Robot Kingdom posted a cool update on their Facebook page concerning AGC-HK. At AGC-HK Hasbro’s booth will have Optimus Prime and Megatron mascots, based on the Generation 1 toys, for guests to have their pictures taken with. The Optimus Prime is even able to transform!

AGC-HK 2013 takes place over the weekend of July 26-30, and will have an exclusive in the form of its own version of the Autobot Titan Class Metroplex.

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  1. Gryph's Avatar Gryph says

    Haha! Those are actually kind of awesome. I love that the Optimus does a realistic transformation.

  2. Gryph's Avatar Gryph says

    Originally Posted by Cha Chi View Post
    Those don't look like toys but costumes!?!
    Yeah, they're figures that look like guys in costumes. lol

  3. BLOODRAGED189's Avatar BLOODRAGED189 says

    Action figure cosplayer action figure? This is the best thing ever.

  4. Soundwave2's Avatar Soundwave2 says

    Originally Posted by General Tekno View Post
    So are these costumes or toys of costumes? Confused now.
    Cosplay figures + mass release = shelf warmers

    Cosplay figures + 'con exclusives = must haves

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