Takara TG-23 Titan Class Metroplex Revealed


TF Yuki has once again hit us with a new picture on Twitter showcasing some upcoming Takara Generations love! This time, it’s the big guy himself, Metroplex! This is our first clear look at what the Takara version of this figure will look like and we can see from the picture that he will have many new paint applications and the extra gun. Previously rumored, but missing from the pic, is chrome on the figures legs. This may not mean the figure won’t still include chrome, but that this figure isn’t finished just yet.

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  1. Armada_MK's Avatar Armada_MK says

    Holy Crap that is beautiful

    Glad i ordered from Anime-Export when i did

  2. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    Hello Beautiful.

    Glad I got a preorder in early at HLJ, with BBTS as backup in case their are any stock issues.

    No chrome though, from the looks of it?

    It does make me very curious about what a potential SDCC version could look like, if it's even happening. If a SDCC version ended up a similar release, I could see myself going that route since I'll be there.

  3. DoubleClouder's Avatar DoubleClouder says

    Glad I preordered one. Not a ton more paint apps, but I like how the silver of the thighs break up the legs. Also really prefer the silver face on this vs the Hasbro unpainted one. Just noticed the parts around the center cannon are white instead of black.

    Here is the pic mirrored for those who can't see it

  4. Cal's Avatar Cal says

    It seems to go a lot heavier on the black than Hasbro's version. Ironically, the black chest piece is the only part that's been left white.

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