New Images of Masterpiece 19 Smokescreen


Planet Iacon on Facebook has updated with new images of the recently revealed Masterpiece 19 figure, Smokescreen.[/B] Just as he was in G1, Smokescreen will be a remold of Masterpiece 17 Prowl and will feature several new pieces including; the head, front hood and bumper, shoulder blasters and more. Shown in these new clear images are comparison pics with MP-10, vehicle and robot mode pics and group shots with the other two figures that share this mold, Prowl and Bluestreak.

We’ve mirrored the images for you to check out. Just click on the title bar to check em out.

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  1. Thundercracker's Avatar Thundercracker says

    Wow, the one I thought would be the weakest of the 3 turns out to be the best one. Nice work Takara.

  2. Kenchanayoh's Avatar Kenchanayoh says

    The alt mode looks fantastic! The head looks really awkward, though.

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