New Transformers 4 Vehicles Spotted In Texas


Courtesy of Transformers Live Action Movie Blog, we have with us some new Transformers 4 spy images from Pflugerville and Manor area (in Central Texas).

The images feature 2 buggy like Off-Road Vehicles black in color. According to the blog, the vehicles are not identical but similar. The site also states it is not clear whether the two cars will represent government vehicles or Decepticons (or they might just be Camera Cars).

Update: 2005 Boards Members DrLee and Albershide identified the vehicles as Rally Fighters.

Hopefully, Michael Bay’s Official Website might shed some light on the matter soon.

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  1. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    One is clearly the NEST hummer, but the other one looks very much like that custom baja buggy creation... Thoguh I completely forget the name of it.

    So far, I've not seen ANYTHING about NEST being in this movie, so I'm tempted to say that we have two Cons here... But, I'm just guessing ATM.

    EDIT - here we go, this is what I meant by baja buggy...

    EDIT 2 - yeah, I am confident enough to state that the other vehicle IS a Rally Fighter... THIS image from their website shows the Rally Fighter has the same shaped arse.

  2. Lazerwave's Avatar Lazerwave says

    Originally Posted by Jetbolt View Post
    Hope its some Decepticons.

    Can't be Autobots.

  3. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    I don't think NEST will return in this movie. Kinda think they are indeed Decepticons! I'm guessing Lockdown and Knockout maybe?

  4. JayEm's Avatar JayEm says

    I dont understand why y'all are guessing. Its probably going to be what you least expect.

    If Knock Out or Lockdown are in the film, they will definitely be way different than their show incarnations. We all should know this by now.

    If it is a Decepticon, he will be all black and pointy and will have some random name slapped on him and probably wont get a toy because Hasbro likes to leave characters out.

  5. G1DeadEnd's Avatar G1DeadEnd says

    Yay! This made my night! Thank you for finding this Waveride.

    NEST - was my first thought -- "Are the cars identical?" - was my second thought -- They are probably Decepticons - was my third thought -- Wonder if they're Stunticons - was my fourth thought -- Quickly, what are the others saying? they always have good insights -- was my fifth thought, when seeing this thread. And now you know.

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