Maketoys announces "An Angel is Coming"


Maketoys have posted on their website a pair of teaser images of another upcoming project with the tagline “an angel is coming”. The images shown hint at an unlicensed Nova Prime / Nemesis Prime from the IDW comics. The project is already at a prototype stage, and the prototype images shown indicate that the figure will consist of a core robot plus armor. The armor is an extensively reworked version of the Maketoy Battle Tanker, the core figure is a complete new design to interact with the armor though.

The text accompanying the update indicates that it will be a limited run item available exclusively through Maketoy’s own store, with more details to follow. The update also indicates that this release will be coming later this month.

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  1. Hobo Prime's Avatar Hobo Prime says

    First time poster, long time reader.

    MakeToys HYPER NOVAE

    MakeToy's version of IDW's Nova Prime.
    Core bot appears to be a new tooling based on the RTS Laser Optimus Prime.
    Trailer is a new mold, using some parts from the Battle Tanker.

    Limited run via MAKETOYS Online Shop

    Per thelastson82 (MakeToys Hyper Novae (aka Nova Prime)):
    I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!
    It was slower than originally planned, but will be sold start.
    The reception starts (Wednesday) from 12:00 September 11, ⇒ MAKETOYS Online Shop will start shipping from Friday 13 MAKETOYS Online Shop




  2. Valkysas's Avatar Valkysas says

    Wow. That's no upgrade set.

    There isn't a single damn piece from the RTS Optimus mold on that thing. It's BASED on it, but everything there is new.

  3. divinecomedy has no avatar! divinecomedy says

    They are going to milk the battle tanker until the mold self destructs. Or till our wallet is dry.

  4. Tiller's Avatar Tiller says

    So uh, how many iterations of this trailer mold are there going to be? Looks like they just entirely ditched the Hasbro mold now and are making their own base figure.

    Nova Prime? Seems like the backpack isn't attached in the back shot and goes with the whole angle vibe. Kinda looks bad in vehicle mode from the back. "Cybertronion" doesn't save this one from all the crap sticking out of it.

  5. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    VERY interesting... it's a completely new sculpt that shares engineering with RTS G2 Prime.

    Even more interesting - looking at Don's concept art for Nova Prime, it's clearly the same altmode (there's only a few small differences, but otherwise it's recognizably the same vehicle) but the robot mode is different.

    EDIT: Found a pic of it online - it's clearly Nova Prime's altmode, down to the armored up mode chest being on the back of the trailer.

  6. kaos's Avatar kaos says

    def nova prime..ya can see the wings on the trailer..color me interested..

  7. Josh's Avatar Josh says

    That is... An odd way to do nova prime

    But I'm certainly looking forward to more!

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