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Takara-Tomy have updated their Transformers Go! website[/url] with clear images of the toys of the three combined forms of the Samurai team. The Samurai, due out at the end of this month, can combine in three different formations for three different combiner modes based on which of the three forms the head and arms, torso and legs. The Ninja team, whose three members have a staggered release in July, August and September, are also shown with toy pictures of one of their three combined modes shown – the other two combined modes are blacked out silhouettes, to be unveiled later.

These images also finally confirm – by way of a close up of Gekisomaru’s neck – that the Ninja team will be Autobots, not Decepticons as was once reported.

Lastly the page banner has also updated showing Galaxy Force / Transformers Cybertron style CG models for the robots alongside traditional cel animated style humans. The humans are shown holding discs which resemble the Data Disk modes of the Fall of Cybertron Autobot and Decepticon minions for Soundwave and Blaster.

Check out the updated page by opening this link[/url]!

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  1. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    Planet Iacon has put up clearer images of the three variant comined forms. Reasonably sure that these are the clearest we've seen yet.

    Images are on their facebook page here.


    New picture of the combined Ninja Team is up here as well.

    Uncut splash page via TFsource:

    And the news keeps rolling in: Silhouette images of the other two Ninja combinations:

  2. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    It looks like the Generations Data Disks will be incorporated into the show. Perhaps they're the rumored Pokeball-like devices used to capture Predacons.

  3. MACRAPTRON has no avatar! MACRAPTRON says

    These suck but if both teams combine to form a 6-member gestalt I might get them.

    So what this is all about? An original japanese anime? TV Magazine-only story? Sequel to Beast Hunters? Butchered japanese version of Beast Hunters? Japanese TF movie?

    These look like Brave stuff, not TF.

  4. videriant's Avatar videriant says

    . . .leaving thread
    . . .logging onto BBTS
    . . .canceling preorders
    . . .

  5. Naztok's Avatar Naztok says

    Fire engine as the head looks like the best combined mode for the samurai team to me. I like it enough not to cancel my preorders. Maybe the other two will look better in person.

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