Mach 5 Gauntlet and Piston Prototype Images


Third party group Mach 5 have shared prototype images of their Gauntlet and Piston figures. These two are unofficial versions of Generation 2 Ironfist and Generation 1 Crankcase respectively. While they share bodytypes, they feature different headsculpts. Check out the images at the links above, or all together attached to this post.

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  1. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Looks like IDW Ironfist/Fisitron.

    New 3rd party Company Mach 5 Gauntlet (Unlicensed  Ironfist)-ironfist.jpg

    Meanwhile you can use the G1 toy for the Fun Pub Elite Guard Ironfist.

  2. FatedLazarus's Avatar FatedLazarus says

    Oh no not another new company! My wallet can not handle anymore!

    Here is the pic from their FB:

  3. Stryker055's Avatar Stryker055 says

    That altmode silhouette looks spot-on. I'm very hesitant about the robot mode, though. Looks a bit too chunky.

    These silhouette non-reveals really need to stop.

  4. TheGame2K5's Avatar TheGame2K5 says

    Im sorry if you are a new company show me a real image or GTFO. The teasers are bad enough from the big boys with proven track records let alone a start up company doing it.

  5. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    You have my curiosity.

    The company name plus the hardcore Back the the Future homage makes me want to see this company stick around.

    Welcome to the fold M5, hopefully you stick around.

  6. motorthing's Avatar motorthing says

    The outline shot might be to cover up the fact they dont have a proto yet....just a pile of cleenex boxes taped together. life is tough for start-ups.........

  7. echotransformer's Avatar echotransformer says

    Love the Back to the Future-esque logo!

    A chunky sculpt could be just what we need!

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