Captured Prey & MegaToyFan Exclusive SG Boxbomber Set


Captured Prey have teamed up with MegaToyFan to offer a special exclusive item later this June! SG Boxbomber, a recolor set of Keith’s Fantasy Club Birdbomber and B-Box, are being offered at the Captured Prey Third Party and the MegaToyFan Parts Party which are being held in the evening of June 26-30 at Botcon 2013. The set, which features a red SG Birdbomber and a blue SG B-Box, recolors the not-Squawktalk and Beastbox to resemble their Autobot rivals Grandslam and Raindance.

SG Boxbomber is limited to 1,000 sets, 500 of which will be offered in China and the remaining 500 will only be available at the Captured Prey Third Party and MegaToyFan Parts Party, with any leftover stock being offered through their websites after Botcon.

Check out images attached to this story and be sure to swing by the parties even if you don’t plan on picking up these exclusives – they are a great way to meet and chill out with fellow fans!

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  1. Sidecutter's Avatar Sidecutter says

    The Captured Prey Third Party and the MegaToyFan Parts Party have teamed up this year to bring you SG BOXBOMBER! This joint exclusive is limited to just 1000 pieces worldwide, and is a MegaToyFan Parts Party/Captured Prey Third Party exclusive limited to just 500 pieces outside of China!

    This pair will retail for between $38 and $40, and will be released at the Third Party and Parts Party on June 26th, with any remaining sets offered for sale on and after the show ends. The set features new colors, a new bio, and revised packaging.

    The Third Party will be held June 26, 27, 28, and 29, and may be open on the 25th as well, other factors depending. The Parts Party will be held June 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. You can keep up with the latest info on the CP3P on the Captured Prey Facebook page, on, or on the CP3P Twitter account, @ThirdPartyVan! Check out for all the details! You can also get details on the MegaToyFan Parts Party at!

    EDIT: New in-hand images!

  2. Sidecutter's Avatar Sidecutter says

    We'll give 10,000 official FanPoints (redeemable for e-peen) to the first person to note all FOUR hidden references in the bios!

  3. Hicks_Royel's Avatar Hicks_Royel says

    That's a pretty cool set... Hope there are a few left to purchase off the CP website.

  4. Viagra Prime's Avatar Viagra Prime says

    Cool colors.

    Cutting alongside is reference to Sidecutter. Capture signature of her prey is Captured Prey. And Mega fan is reference to Mega toy fan.

  5. Spider 001's Avatar Spider 001 says

    Originally Posted by RDprime View Post
    Very cool!
    Really? Seriously lame if you ask me. The originals from G1 sucked ass so why would these be any better?

    Oh! Right! Nostalgia has once again screwed with everybody's better judgement.

  6. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Glad to see these. I have been lobbying for a SG recolor.

    Oddly they choose to reverse the colors. Raindance was red on top, blue on bottom. Probably did that so Birdbomber was not blue again like in his normal release huh?

    Let's see I see Wash from Firefly in Birdbomber, plus it mentions "Captured Prey". hehehe.

    DJ Bighands mentioned in B-Box, plus he's a "mega fan". hahaha

    As I'm not attending those conventions, I'll have to try to pick one up at the CP store if they go online. Hope some are left.

  7. TCJJ's Avatar TCJJ says

    I usually hate Shatter Glass, but this is really cool. Still not sure about buying this set, though. It looks a little flat in robot mode. But I'm considering it. It's a shame this version is so limited.

    Gotta say, though: I REALLY like the Keith's Fantasy Club logo. That's just badass. And funny.

  8. CybertronianFan has no avatar! CybertronianFan says

    Originally Posted by Sidecutter View Post
    We'll give 10,000 official FanPoints (redeemable for e-peen) to the first person to note all three hidden references in the bios!
    Along with what Viagra Prime mentioned. Firefly references have been flungeth!

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