Transformers Legends Game Day of the Dinobots Part 2


A temporary page has gone up for the next Transformers Legends game event by Mobage. Next up is “Day of the Dinobots Part 2”, which sounds as though it will feature a whopping five bosses – all five Dinobots, Grimlock, Sludge, Swoop, Slug and Snarl. Episode characters are also implied to be Ratbat and Ramjet. The event is currently listed as running from 4 June to 11 June, but this might be subject to change.

Check out the temporary page here.

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  1. King Henrik's Avatar King Henrik says

    so the bonus cards are decepticons, but we get a 20% bonus if we use all autobots?

    i'm burnt out anyway, and it took way too much effort to even make top 5k.

  2. Omega Supreme-1's Avatar Omega Supreme-1 says

    Well, for everyone burnt out you're just freeing up spots for people like me; who only joined the game with the iOS crowd. I want me some Dinobots. I NEED me some Dinobots.

  3. Argentenoboy's Avatar Argentenoboy says

    Thankfully, I didn't participate much in the last event so I have tons of energon recharges

  4. T-Hybrid's Avatar T-Hybrid says

    I wonder if the addition of Swoop and Grimlock means we will have 5 reward cards... Or if it means they'll bring back the old ones and add two new.

    Also, I'm guessing Shockwave and Ratbat as the episode cards w/ Ramjet as the T3 with 2x. We've already done Shockwave as the 2x card with Unleash the Beasts.

    And the Autobot faction bonus has to be a typo. Likely copy/pasta from the last event.

  5. Downshift-1307's Avatar Downshift-1307 says

    Please make an event with the Stunticons as the Raid Bosses with Warpath and Powerglide as the Space Bridge exclusives. They need some love instead of giving us multiple cards for existing characters.

    PS: Ratbat? Seriously? ....RATBAT?

  6. Cyberdramon's Avatar Cyberdramon says

    My biggest complaint is I've spent a lot of money on this game and I still can't break into the top 1000 rank. I don't know if people just have tons of free time or tons of money. I've spent probably close to $40 each episode with getting the Space Bridge characters and their weapons to buying some extra BC's to get through to the end. Obviously it's a great business model for Mobage but I think they should make it a little easier for casual players. I think I may try to play this one without spending any money and see what happens.

    I also agree about getting more versions of existing characters. It was awesome to get Cosmos, Sky Lynx, Jetfire and OS but Rumble and Reflector? Now Ratbat?

  7. Lody666's Avatar Lody666 says

    I cracked the top 6,000 a few days in but then couldn't do much because of waiting for reloads etc

    ended up around 17,000 when all was said and done

  8. Atomatron's Avatar Atomatron says

    cant wait so i can upgrade my reward reflector(s) and rumble(s)

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