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With Mastermind Creations and Unique Toys both making unlicensed Predakings, does the world need a third not-Predaking? Well – a third one is coming, ready or not. TFC Toys throws their hat into the ring with their next combiner project after the completion of Uranos. Ares, named for the ancient Greek god of war, is their own version of Predaking, and today they have posted images of the first member of the set, a not-Razorclaw named Nemean. We have uncolored grey prototype images of Nemean in all three of his modes, robot, lion and gestalt body. You can check them out attached to this post.

(Fun fact – Nemean’s name comes from the Nemean lion, a fearsome beast in Greek mythology which Hercules had to face as one of his twelve labors)

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  1. TigerBlade's Avatar TigerBlade says

    Beastiallty?? WTF TFC you need to get a native English speaker to proof read this shit!

    If it is Piranhacon then easy pass for me. Hated that thing as a kid. Wake me up when they make Defensor or Brusticus.

    Originally Posted by miscreant View Post
    FIVE in one ?
    That would explain the beastiality point......

    EDIT - I don't think it's PC, wouldn't the leader need the big back guns?

  2. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    It's not Beastiality, it actually says Beastiallty, another typo to go with Cobiner.

    Not to mention the grammar.

    MMC win this round.

  3. RDprime's Avatar RDprime says

    Is this a joke? There's too much wrong there for this to be real.

  4. Jehsee's Avatar Jehsee says

    Robotic beastiality? Sounds kinky... one can only guess where their combiner ports are located.

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