Predacons Rising Beast Hunter Redeco Images


Hasbro released some new official images of the upcoming “Predacons Rising” redeco toys, available exclusively this fall at Target in the US, and Tesco and Carrefour in the Europe. Included are:

Optimus Prime and Predaking Commander 2 Pack
Abominus Combiner (Blight, Windrazor, Twinstrike, Hun-Gurrr, Rippersnapper)
Voyager Dark Steel
Voyager Cryofire Predaking
Deluxe Sky Lynx
Deluxe Nova Blast Bumblebee
Legion Bumblebee and Blight
Legion Smokescreen and Cindersaur
Commander Shockwave and Bombshock
Beast Fire Predaking

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  1. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    Just posted on facebook... numerous exclusive decos for Target:


    I know the name was used in DOTM for the BW Quickstrike homage.. but this deco homages..?

    Cryofire is, of course, a Cryotek redeco for Predaking:

    Also... Sky Lynx? Whaaat?

    Unsurprisingly... another Bee redeco... though Murder Bee is still pretty bad ass. >_>

  2. ex dtw2003's Avatar ex dtw2003 says

    Can someone post the pis for those of us with blocked Facebook at work?

    Edit: Much thanks for posting them.

  3. Sideways77's Avatar Sideways77 says

    Originally Posted by ex dtw2003 View Post
    Can someone post the pis for those of us with blocked Facebook at work?
    This. Please?

  4. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    I haven't been less excited for something since the "Dark Energon" exclusives at BBTS.

    I assure the posters above me, you aren't missing much. There's a blue Commander Optimus, lots of Cyberverse with the same colors but kinda clear just like Abominus, Abominus, Predaking in Cryotek colors, a white Skystalker, and Grimwing in an all-new red and blue color scheme. Oh and a black Cyberverse Beast Hunters Bumblebee, just to throw a CURVEBALL in there.

    Oh yeah and Cyberverse Smokescreen in G1 colors might woo a few.

    I suppose the Hardshell redeco might get named Bombshock, I might pick that up if I saw it. The Deluxe/Voyager Predacons might have new names with their colors so different.

  5. Jalaguy's Avatar Jalaguy says

    SKY LYNX! a Predacon?

    The line seems to be:

    - Commander 2-Pack - Optimus Prime and Predaking (Thunder Clash and RID Megatron (?) homages)
    - Commander 2-Pack - Shockwave and Bombshock (G1 Shockwave and Barrage homages)
    - Legion Scale 2-Pack - Bumblebee and Blight (stealth deco and (?) homage)
    - Legion Scale 2-Pack - Smokescreen and Cindersaur (G1 Smokescreen and obvious homage)
    - Abominus Combiner 5-Pack
    - Voyager Dark Steel (Grimwing redeco)
    - Voyager Cryofire Predaking
    - Deluxe Sky Lynx (Skystalker redeco)
    - Deluxe Nova Blast Bumblebee

  6. soymonk's Avatar soymonk says

    I don't get the Blight repaint. Who is it an homage to?

    That Cryofire Predaking looks tempting though... that could be a nice stand in for an updated Cryotek.

  7. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    Originally Posted by Jalaguy View Post
    SKY LYNX! a Predacon?
    Wouldn't be surprised if he's listed as a Predacon defector though.

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