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Mastermind Creations have updated their Facebook with an image showing the color scheme of their upcoming Reformatted series release, Leo Dux. As an unofficial take on Predacon Razorclaw, Leo Dux sports the black red and yellow of Razorclaw, combining a faithful reimagining with the detail and modern touches Mastermind Creations are known for.

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  1. Jigga's Avatar Jigga says

    Wanted to start a separate thread for this wicked project coming out for the Ferocicons from MMC. There's still one more surprise about this project and they have a cool back story for this team. They are said to be pre-G1 earth and they have no faction as the Reformatted Storyline that includes Hexatron & Nova-Prime is based on Cybertron before there were Autobots and Decepticons. So the Ferocicons (Predacons) had no alliance to the Decepticons yet.

    Big update with all recent pics of Feral Rex project

    Colour pic of Feral Rex combined

    New colour pic of R-03 Bovis straight from MMC FB page


    He will be a Sabre-toothed tiger, an established character and a nice counterpart to Rampage, so you can balance the combined mode out with two similar arms, and move Divebomb onto the rear of the figure.

    Some additional information via Cenokibble (creative writer for MMC)

    Gestalt is 32cm tall from feet to head, excluding shoulders, backpack cannons etc...

    All 5 figures will all be discounted 15%-20% for pre-orders

    Pricing is based on the pack–in content and design of the figures: e.g. the leg members will have more parts, and Razorclaw is bigger.

    Updated COMBINED mode picture incoming, hopefully this evening.

    Also, sixth member is a figure...not sixth accessory. Full figure. New member, established character joins the team, with fiction to explain. Not needed for combined mode if you don't want to, but very cool.

    Updated with new images of R02- Talon and R04-Leo Dux

    Updated thread with the new pics

  2. masishadow has no avatar! masishadow says

    See, I hope they stick these in scaleish with fp and mt combiners.

  3. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    I love the proportions of the combined mode. Just screams massive robot.

  4. TheGame2K5's Avatar TheGame2K5 says

    So can I preorder this yet? LOL. Seriously though between this, the HOS Seekers, Hexatron, FP Menasor, and TFC Superion the next year is going to be amazing, and I will be poor.

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