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Keith’s Fantasy Club have revealed a limited run redeco of their B-Box and Birdbomber unlicensed Beastbox & Squawktalk. The new versions are known as Smackdown and Black Hawk, members of the “Black Redeco Clan”. They are black redecos, limited to 500 pieces and made exclusively for the group Hands of Steel. Amusingly their combined form is known as “Black Hawk Down”, one of the many amusing film references in this set (Smack Down’s bio contains another, this one to the movie King of Kong)

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  1. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Just announced this morning is a Black Redeco Clan version of The Boxbomber set. B-Box is now Smack Down, and Birdbomber is now Black Hawk. They combine into "Black Hawk Down".

    According to toy designer and bio writer David Harland:

    Super limited edition, run of only 500 sets. New characters and profiles. Made for a fan group called Hands of Steel.
    The bios read:

    Smack Down - A robotic monkey of the night. He hides in the urban jungles waiting for his prey. He's a monkey on a mission, and is he can't complete his mission, he goes bananas. His favorite movie is King of Kong. One half of the terrifying entity known as Blackhowk Down.

    Black Hawk - Hailing from the Black Redeco Clan, Black Hawk hides in the night sky waiting for the opportune time to strike. Transformed into some kind of bird. A parrot or maybe a hawk, who knows? Along with his monkey friend, he combines to form the awesome Blackhawk Down.

  2. Lder Optimus has no avatar! Lder Optimus says

    That's cool, but I came here thinking this was a announcement on their version of Grand Slam... I'll walk away now

  3. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    This is a limited roaming convention exclusive, I'm in a small facebook group called Hands of Steel and it was organised so those dudes could have an exclusive figure, but due to the demands of production runs it will very likely be offered outside of the site as well.

  4. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    What's coming next Blue and Thunder? Pearl and Harbor? Rio and Bravo? Die and Hard?

    With the mention of the Black Redeco Clan, I have to wonder how this toy is related to Upgrade Commander's Black Rager.

  5. destrongerlupus's Avatar destrongerlupus says

    LOVE the name, I hope these DO become more widely available as has been suggested.


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