Transformers the Ride Life-size Optimus Prime Statue in Orlando


Universal Studios Orlando have put out an image and a short press release to promote the opening of Transformers the Ride at Universal Studios Orlando in a little under a month’s time! Standing 28 feet tall, this is a life-size statue of the Autobot leader as depicted in Michael Bay’s live-action movies. Check out the image at left, a higher-res one after the break, and the press release below!

Optimus Prime is ready for battle – towering above the entrance to Universal Orlando Resort’s highly-anticipated, blockbuster attraction, TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D. The addition of the authentically-sized leader of the Autobots Thursday morning, May 30, 2013 is one of the finishing touches to the attraction. Optimus Prime stands guard at 28 feet tall and nearly nine tons, beckoning recruits to join the resistance against the invading Decepticons. The mind-blowing, action-packed thrill ride, which was constructed in record time, officially opens June 20 at Universal Studios Florida.

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  1. Omega Charge's Avatar Omega Charge says

    Wow, that's incredible. Life-size and looks like it stepped right out of the movies.

  2. ThunderbeePrime's Avatar ThunderbeePrime says

    Now the people in the East can experience these things. Finally!

  3. Josh's Avatar Josh says

    one of the better statues ive seen!

    pity its not a straight up 28 foot tall statue [they're probly going from the ground up to his head here]
    as a full sized optimus statue would be AMAZING to see

  4. ZeroMayhem's Avatar ZeroMayhem says

    Nice! We're finally starting to close the giant robot gap with Japan. That 1:1 Gundam gloriously haunts my dreams!

  5. Spider 001's Avatar Spider 001 says

    I vowed I would never cross the state line & go back into that hellhole. The people are mean & hateful, the cops are overly aggressive, the heat is oppressive & the traffic is a nightmare. Florida=torture.

    And when I lived right next door to Disney & Universal nobody ever wanted to go with me. Nobody ever wants to do anything.

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