New Transformers 4 Set Images Featuring New Vehicles


More new Transformers 4 set images have surfaced featuring new vehicles via an article on the Daily Mail website.

A new group shot includes a new green Military Vehicle and a barely visible white Emergency Response Vehicle in the background.

We are yet to know who these new Bots are. Many TFW2005 Members are speculating that the new Ambulance may very well be our friendly Autobot Medic himself; Ratchet.

Update: We also have a closer look at the Military Truck thanks to Sam Nickelson of S4TE.

Take a look at the new images, after the jump.

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  1. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    Nice pictures, still not a big fan of M. Bay's picks of the cars for these characters.

  2. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says


    I wonder who that other truck is.. Maybe Ultra Magnus? Is that Ratchet back there too?

  3. ThunderbeePrime's Avatar ThunderbeePrime says

    There is a WFC and FOC feel with that Optimus....And what is with the green Corvette?

  4. Autoboticon's Avatar Autoboticon says

    Okay so we have Optimus Prime.

    Theories on the others, the Bugatti is suppose to be Drift and the Corvette is suppose to be Slingshot.

    That could be Ratchet in the far back, the new truck could be Hound, they were hinting at him.

    Lastly that may be new paint job Bumblebee, but many say it's the main characters own car.

  5. Yggdrasil has no avatar! Yggdrasil says

    That in the back looks more like a police car to me.

    Prowl maybe?

  6. opt1musaber's Avatar opt1musaber says

    Not a fan of those smokestacks on Prime. Especially from the front angle.

  7. Jazz210's Avatar Jazz210 says

    I wonder who the big dark green truck is nex to optimus. Hound is that you?? It better not be ultra Magnus. also u can see an ambulance behind it.... Well we are getting another big bot sweeet!

  8. DrLee's Avatar DrLee says

    SFTE confirm that the Camero is Bee.... That isn't the cab over truck we saw yesterday behind Prime... And just what is behind them all?

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