Robot Names Of The Two New Transformers 4 Autobots Revealed


Entertainment news site Joblo states that they know the names of the two Autobots revealed today. According to the site:

2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is Drift; who may possibly be the earlier rumored “Samurai Bot”.

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is Slingshot.

However, speaking to the fans Michael Bay Official Website Admin Nelson said “This is the 4th movie, you would think these guys would’ve learned by now that production names DO NOT EQUAL final name.”

Well, the debate is on. Would you like to keep the names of these hot new cars? Or would you think they should be different characters? Fire away then!

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  1. Cyclonus86's Avatar Cyclonus86 says

    Anyone seen this yet?


    Exclusive: The names of two new Autobots from Transformers 4 have been revealed - Movie News |
    According to the source the C7 Corvette Stingray is named "Slingshot" and the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is named "Drift". There are two Autobots with the same names from Transformer's first generation of characters but it isn't completely clear if they will be the same characters or just share the same names.
    Isn't slingshot a plane and seriously, Drift. Though being Bayformers they probably be new characters with nothing in common with the names.

  2. JuicyNo's Avatar JuicyNo says

    Drift would certainly tie into the previous report of a former Decepticon "samurai" appearing in the film.

  3. fryguy81's Avatar fryguy81 says

    please let Matthew McConaughey voice Drift. It's the voice I hear whenever I read that character.

  4. Zhadow's Avatar Zhadow says

    For a moment I thought it's Sideswipe who's the corvette because he's also a stingray. But introducing Slingshot and Drift is so cool!

  5. AAarcher221's Avatar AAarcher221 says

    Drift? Oh boy, the Japanese name of Armada Dirt Boss!

    All joking aside, I never expected Slingshot, of all things they could choose. And I seriously hope Drift is a Decepticon the entire length of this first film (if that trilogy thing is still going around).

  6. Thenames9's Avatar Thenames9 says

    Originally Posted by Lazerwave View Post
    I rather call Slingshot Smokescreen.
    This. Drift is fine, but I don't really like Slingshot as a name at all.

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