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2005 Boards member Masabon has kindly shared with us some in-hand pictures of the newly released Takara-Tomy Generations Fall of Cybertron Skywarp. Presently a Japan exclusive release, Skywarp is a redeco of Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream and along with the upcoming Hasbro Thundercracker completes this set of pre-Earth mode Seekers. He shys away from the traditional purple and black Skywarp colors for a grey and purple deco, previously featured on Alternity and Transformers Cybertron Skywarp. Check out these images and see if the more strongly purple deco is a deal-breaker for you or not.

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  1. Masabon's Avatar Masabon says

    Name : スカイワープ : SKYWARP
    Japanese Number TG-18
    Faction : ディセプティコン : Decepticons
    Subgroup : 航空兵 : Air Warrior

    Tech Specs
    Strength 7
    Intelligence 5
    Speed 9
    Endurance 7
    Rank 6
    Courage 6
    Firepower 8
    Skill 8
    Total : 56


    To sell the ability of a rare teleportation for TRANSFORMER
    SKYWARP which entered JETRON(SEEKERS) was expected as a young influential person.
    However, mean character to use his ability in vain became the serious defect.
    In attacking an outcome, an enemy suddenly from right behind
    He shows fighting power to be equal to STARSCREAM.
    However, conduct of MEGATRON
    If there is not it, SKYWARP gets rid of a motivation immediately.
    He is ordered to receive special training of circuit Su so that the body gets a sense of responsibility and concentration.

  2. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    oh man, i got one coming already and seeing these photos, the grey and purple look even lighter than original photos.

    not happy.

  3. AAarcher221's Avatar AAarcher221 says

    It isn't as fabulous as I thought. Looks more like a Hasbro release.

    At least he'll match Starscream and Thundercracker.

  4. agentSAP2006's Avatar agentSAP2006 says

    Originally Posted by 03Mach1 View Post
    That purple looks more like Cyclonus than Skywarp.
    But Cyclonus is Sky... Actually, I'm not even going to go there.
    I admit, this figure looks nice, but I personally prefer the G1 colors. Hopefully, Hasbro will release a Skywarp .

  5. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    In the words of Vange1us, "He's purple. Very very purple." Needs a tad more black, but that's just me.

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